Sam & Sara

There is a Sam & Sara in every person who has ever visited Asia, Africa or any rural area where passion for tradition and historical custom runs through the blood and ancient artistic methodologies are still adhered to with affection. There is a SAM & SARA in every person tired of mass produced home accessories that lack originality, spirit, warmth and emotion.

SAM & SARA products are inspired by a love for travel, an appreciation for different cultures and an admiration for artisans who continue to breathe life into the tradition of handcrafting. SAM & SARA collections are treasured by global nomads who have experienced world travel and by those who admire the world from a far and want to bring cross-continent life into their home.

SAM & SARA represent a global spectrum of people who are passionate about owning and sharing sustainable goods crafted with integrity, devotion, endearment and individuality.

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TANGS at Tang Plaza B1(+65) 6737 5500