Authenticity and a passion for excellence fuel the President’s project. Pride for the product crafted in Tuscany is the defining note. CEO and creative director Guido Biondi is the brains behind the label. The collection was created in 2010 out of the love for an authentic culture of fashion, for the sturdiness of workwear, and a certain disregard for the fickleness of trends. 

Less, but better: the idea is to create just a bunch of pieces that are like an edit of what a man really needs, marrying streetwear’s nonchalance and practicality with the fabrics and finishes of tailoring. President’s is the proposal of what a contemporary man’s wardrobe should be. A wardrobe is not an accumulation of pieces, but a living organism. Items that compose it are the result of a natural selection. 

They live and evolve with the wearer, getting better and more meaningful with time. Similarly, President’s pieces are made to last and become one with the wearer. Items from each collection can be mixed with pieces from previous ones.

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TANGS at Tang Plaza L3​(+65) 6737 5500