My Mum's Cookies

Our Story
When I remember Mum, I remember the various aromas that wafted from our kitchen – the fragrance of cookies baking in the oven; the smells of festivities early in the mornings. I grew up chomping on her countless home-baked goodies, from cookies, love letters, pineapple tarts, mooncakes, to rice dumplings etc. She was no famous chef, just a devoted mother and a loving wife who desired nothing but the best for those she loved. She would generously gift her labours of love to delighted relatives and friends. When I was old enough to help her in the kitchen, Mum taught me the skills and more importantly, the integrity in baking. The ingredients we used should never be compromised. Gradually but surely, I developed a picky palate. My Mum’s Cookies comes about with the sincere desire to continue Mum’s legacy on authentic home-baked goodness. Standing by her unwavering principles of using only quality ingredients and stringent processes, we strive to bring you the very best in every bite.

Our Philosophy
Just like how Mum only gifted the best of her goodies to relatives and friends, we also only want the very best for all our customers. New recipes are tested extensively while current ones are regularly reviewed and refined. We are strong advocates of healthy eating. Thus, we proudly present to you as many healthier alternatives as possible, such as offering low sugar and vegetarian products, with the same great taste! We hope that you too, could reminiscent the tastes and smells of authentic childhood home-baked goodness when choosing My Mum’s Cookies.

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