At FitFlop™, we believe that if you want to live an inspired life, you’ve got to start with a great foundation. 

So we create the world’s most exciting ergonomic sandals, shoes and boots, using world class design, a splash of fashion, and a continuously-innovating mix of beauty, brains and top-notch biomechanics.

Because the Microwobbleboard TM midsole of our iconic first sandal was developed by two visionary biomechanists, and the upper was designed by a world-class fashion-loving graphics artist. It was ‘sporty gorgeous’ on top and super-engineered underneath. And women absolutely loved it.

And so we realized that the really cool shoes (or sandals, or boots, or clogs) are the ones you wear until they fall apart because they look good with everything, the shoes that are so comfortable they call your name from the closet, the lived-in ones you love so much you can’t bring yourself to ‘bin’ them. The shoes with that same perfect combination of logic and magic.

Life is short. Choose great shoes.

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