Benjamin Barker

One hand in pocket and the other with an expresso to go, the Benjamin Barker man is a man of quiet confidence brimming with an ineffable lust for life. He is a collector of adventures, experiences and memories and often inclined to random epiphanies. He is a gentleman at heart with a love for music, art, history and film (almost always, a Wes Anderson). Creative and slightly quirky, he is assured in his personal style which is all about the classics rather than the season’s fleeting trends. 
The Benjamin Barker brand pays homage to the man. First, the quintessential Benjamin Barker suit  – an eclectic mix of well-tailored suits and shirts that marry versatility and style – the result, a fitting display of sartorial elegance with an emphasis on design, fit, construction and form. Different fabrics and thoughtful details add an unmistakable sense of style and personality that is testament to the ethos of Benjamin Barker. Then, a curated collection of lifestyle essentials from shoes to accessories, all handcrafted by artisans with exceptional levels of attention to detail. 

Finally, an experience in itself, the Benjamin Barker store. The store, designed as a refuge from commercialisation homogeneity of the retail experience, bids customers to enter the store as Benjamin Barker’s house-guests and get to know the man and the brand through his stories on the walls and mementos from his travels.

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