Teamm8 know life’s a game and you’re in it to win it. Their aim is to infuse enduring confidence when you work, rest and play. We offer you style, comfort and conviction whether you’re training, in public, at home, or by the beach.

Their aim is to turn you into the ultimate individual. You will stand out from your opponents, through the superiority in our style, cut, and feel. Teamm8 distinguishes itself from the rest as they draw inspiration from traditional sporting values of team spirit, determination, and strength. 

They take pride in our collection that illustrates a combination of timeless classics with a touch of stylish flair, bold bright colours, chic designs and high quality and comfortable fabrics. With Teamm8 you are advanced in your style and aspire to transcend time. You are known and appreciated for the past, present and future. In their collection you will be appreciated and remembered. 

You distinguish yourself from the ordinary, as you uphold your reputation as a superior being, who knows how to look good all day, everyday, no matter what life throws at you and obstacles you may face.

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TANGS at Tang Plaza L3(+65) 6737 5500