OSIM uVibro Exercise Lounger  Red


OSIM uVibro Exercise Lounger ( Red )




Vibe your way to good health. uVibro exercise chair can make you healthier even when you are seated on the lounger. Its 3 unique features ensure that you get the passive exercise you need, while you lounge back and unwind after a long day.

Good Vibes, Healthier Life

The city urban lifestyle has people constantly racing against time. As a result, health becomes second priority, which leads to sacrificing exercise time and living a sedentary routine. Such lack of exercise can be detrimental to our physical health leading to issues like poor circulation, cardiovascular problems, lethargy or even insomnia.

The way to combat such health issues is to include regular exercise into your lifestyle, and that can be easily achieved with OSIM uVibro exercise lounger.

Benefits of Lying Down in a 160 Degree Position

  • Minimal pressure on spine
  • Blood Flow is not obstructed and flows fluidly

Comparison of Blood Circulation

Blood Circulation* has improved indicating that blood vessels are dilated, allowing for smoother blood flow.

*Blood Circulation indicated in red zones

“Qi” program

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi (气) is the very vital energy that flows through all life forms. A disruption in Qi flow is believed to be the root of physical problems.

A busy lifestyle often creates a sedentary routine, leading to issues like increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and even anxiety. All these will cause a disturbance in Qi flow.

The Qi program restores your natural Qi flow via intense vibrations that boosts blood flow and circulation. This also ensures better delivery and absorption of nutrients throughout the entire body, in turn revitalizing both your mind and body.

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

1. Fitness

Reap the benefits of an exercise session and achieve overall vitality while you lounge back and relax. As the vibration permeates through your body, it stimulates your muscles and increases blood circulation, an effect similar to exercise.1

Furthermore, whole body vibration has been used to make the bones denser and stronger.2

Perfect for the busy multi-taskers, you can still get your needed exercise while watching shows or listening to music.

1. Sacker MA, Gummels E, Adams JA. Effect of moderate-intensity exercise, whole-body periodic acceleration and passive cycling on nitric oxide release into circulation. Chest. 2005; 128: 2794-2803.
2. Update on vibration therapy for bone health. Harvard Medical School. 2011.

Passive Exercise

  • Requires little to no effort from person
  • Low impact on body
  • Time-saving
  • Can be done in the privacy and comfort of your home
  • Not affected by weather conditions
  • Convenient and safe

Active Exercise

  • Requires muscle exertion
  • Medium to high impact on body
  • Time-consuming from commuting
  • Lack of privacy as majority are done outdoors
  • Affected by weather conditions
  • Inconvenient with risk of injuries

5 Auto Programs for Daily Vitality

1. Sleep
2. Relax
3. De-stress
4. Fitness
5. Qi (Good for Circulation)


Measurements in CM



Model number


Auto timer

Approx. 10-15 minutes

Fully upright

Approx. 125 degree

Reclining angle

Approx. 170 degree

Voltage available

220-240V 50-60Hz (125W)
220V~50Hz (125W)
110-120V~60Hz (125W)
(Kindly ensure that the local Alternating Current (AC) voltage corresponds with product specified voltage)

Vibration speed

576 rpm (Max)


Gross weight - Approx. 67.2 kg
Net weight - Approx. 52 kg

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OSIM uVibro Exercise Lounger  Red


OSIM uVibro Exercise Lounger ( Red )

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