OSIM uCrown Smart Head Massager


OSIM uCrown Smart Head Massager




De-stress for a relaxed mind and body.

De-stress your busy mind

In this digital era, we are bombarded with never-ending information, tasks and deadlines.

Hence, such stressful lifestyle can affect our overall well-being. Designed with tensed individuals in mind, the OSIM uCrown Smart effectively de-stresses your mind, bringing you into a state of relaxation.

Did you know?

Stress, when not well managed can lead to health problems that affect you physically and mentally, hence it is important to keep your stress levels in check!

4 signs you need to de-stress:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Mental fatigue
  • Feeling down and anxious
  • Insomnia

4 benefits of de-stressing:

  • Relieve headaches
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve mood
  • Improve sleep quality

Recharge with 6-in-1 massage experience

1. Press-scalp massage

Gentle presses on the scalp to reduce stress and tension.

2. Airbag massage

Provide firm pressure and increase massage comfort.

3. Eye massage

Massage and soothe the eye area for a complete relaxation.

4. Massage nodes

Provide stronger pressure on the nape (back of the neck) for effective tension relief.

5. Calming music

Aid body to release dopamine and serotonin, which can improve mood.

6. Soothing warmth

Comfortable 40 - 44°C to promote blood circulation around the eyes.

Comprehensive massage by uCrown Smart

Combining relaxing head, neck and eye massage, together with in-built calming music and soothing warmth function, the uCrown Smart provides a comprehensive massage to give an instant energy boost.

Human-touch acupressure massage

Emulating the agile and targeted touch of a professional therapist, the uCrown Smart targets vital acupressure points to deliver an effective and soothing massage to ease muscle tension.

1. Forehead massage(Yáng Băi 阳白穴)

Soothe tired eyes.

2. Eye area massage

1.(Yú Yāo 鱼腰穴)
2.(Sī Zhú Kōng 丝竹空穴)
3.(Sì Bái 四白穴)
Relieve eye fatigue and irritation.

3. Temple massage(Tài Yáng 太阳穴)

Soothe headache

4. Lower head massage(Fēng Chí 风池穴)

Relieve stiff neck and headache.

5. Scalp massage(Băi Huì 百会穴)

Relieve headache and tension.

Specialized programs for instant relaxation

Select from three different massage programs that come with an option of a calming music specially curated for each program.

Relax (Mode 1)

For a gentle and relaxing massage.

Relief (Mode 2)

For a stronger and revitalizing massage.

Manual (Mode 3)

Customize a massage specially for your needs.

In-app massage customizations at your finger tips

1. Scalp massage on/off

A single tap activates the Press-scalp massage.

2. Acupressure intensity adjustments

Customize massage intensity on each of the pressure points (back of the neck, forehead, eyes, and temples) for better tension relief.

3. Customized soothing warmth

Select from temperatures of 40°C - 44°C to better suit your heat preference.

4. Bluetooth music streaming

The uCrown Smart comes with in-built speakers so you can stream your favorite music for a deeper state of relaxation.


Measurements in CM


uCrown Smart

Model number


DC power

5V --- 1A


Gross weight - Approx. 1.94 kg
Net weight - Approx. 1 kg

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OSIM uCrown Smart Head Massager


OSIM uCrown Smart Head Massager

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