LotusGrill Lime Green XL


LotusGrill Lime Green, XL


This innovative travel-sized charcoal grill is perfect for tailgating, picnics, camping, small apartments and more. Ready to cook in minutes—no more endless waiting for the coals to be ready—this pint-sized cooker puts out some serious heat. Thanks to a battery-operated fan that works just like a bellows, the LotusGrill adjusts from low to high heat with a simple twist of the dial.

The bowl-shaped interior reflects the heat onto the grilling surface, while the double-walled construction ensures that the outer bowl remains cool enough to touch—making it easy to reposition even when cooking. Charcoal burns inside a closed mesh container that helps prevent stray sparks and flare-ups. Grill grid and inner bowl are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

To start the LotusGrill, fill the central container with charcoal—it may be necessary to break it into smaller chunks to get it to fit. Place the priming plate in the center of the inner bowl and squirt a ring of fire-starting gel onto the plate. Turn on the fan, then ignite the gel.

Check that the gel has ignited (CAUTION: Use care—you may not be able to see the flame) then carefully place the charcoal container over the plate. Place the grate on the grill and lock both sides to the base. Let the grill warm briefly, then use the control knob to adjust the heat to the desired intensity.

- Portable: Compact with a carrier bag. Lightweight of approx 7kg per unit
- Fast: Charcoal light up easily and ready to cook in approximately 6-8 mins
- Simple to Use: No manual fanning required. Battery-operated bellows fan makes it easy to increase or decrease heat intensity
- Safe: Exterior of grill remains cool during operation thanks to double-wall construction. Eliminating the potential for hand burns.
- Easy: Easy to assemble, dismantle and cleaning. Grill grid and inner bowl are dishwasher safe.
- Healthy: Due to the special design of the grill, excess fat cannot reach the charcoal so no harmful substances will be produced to contaminate the food.
- XL Size: Suitable for 8 to 10 persons
- Award Winner: Red Dot Design, Design Plus and Fire & Food Gold
- Warranty: 2 years local warranty

- Model: G-GR-435
- Size: XL
- Color: Lime Green
- Outer Bowl Material: Powder coated
- Inner Bowl & Grill Grid Material: Stainless steel
- Weight : approx 6.5kg to 7.0kg
- Measurement : 26cm (H) x 44cm (D) x 44cm (L)

What's Included
- LotusGrill Lime Green, XL x 1
- 200ml LotusGrill lighting gel x 1
- 1kg LotusGrill beech charcoal x 1
- Instruction Manual for LotusGrill x 1
- Nylon carrier bag x 1
- 4 pieces AA sized Batteries x 1

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LotusGrill Lime Green XL


LotusGrill Lime Green, XL

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