Cleansui Undersink Alkaline Ionizer System AL700E


Cleansui Undersink Alkaline Ionizer System (AL700E)


The AL700E is the best of the range and only alkaline ionizer purifier with Super High Grade Filtration Performance system. 

Alkaline water is easily absorbed by body with less water molecules per cluster which means:
- You neutralize excess acidity and flush toxins 
- More oxygen in the body so it is able to absorb nutrient better.
- A boost in energy level and metabolism. A high metabolism means you can eat more yet maintain your waistline.

- Made in Japan.
- 6-in-1 Double Nickel Chrome tap with LCD light display.
- Alkaline purified water in 3 levels – pH 7.5 to 8.5; pH 8 to 9; pH8.5 to 9.5
- Purified water or Acidic water (for beauty - Washing with acidic water firms up the skin) .
- Platinum Titanium Electrodes with Electrodes Automatic Cleaning System 
- High Flow Rate: 3 Litres per Minute 
- Replacement Cartridge: UZC2000E
- Replacement cost: 3 Cents per Litre

* Price does not include labour/plumber installation service.

- Optimum filtration: 8,000 litres
- Flow rate: 3.0L/min
-Lifespan: 8,000L or 12 months at 18-20 litres daily (whichever is earlier - subject to source water quality, volume, temperature and water pressure.)
- Height / Diameter / Breadth: 104 mm x 170 mm x 294 mm
- Faucet base: 36mm - 40mm diameter
- Weight: 3.5kg (4000g used)
- Power: AC220V
- Power Consumption: About 150W (max) / 3W (standby)
- Power Cord Length: 1.2 metres
- Water Temperature: Up to 35 degree celsius

Note: You need a power source near the sink.

The AL700E Removes:
- 40,000 litres: Residual chlorine
- 8,000 litre: Trihalomethane, chloroform
- 10,000 litres: Lead, bromodichloromethane, , dibromochloromethane, bromoform, 1,1,1 trichloroethane
- 20,000 litres: Molds, carcinogens, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals
- 20,000 litres: Turbidity -bacteria (e coli, serratia, salmonella typi, vibrio choerae, shigella), algae, fungi, micro-organisms (protozoa, giardia, cysts, cryptosporidium), rust, metal particles, sediments etc.)

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Cleansui Undersink Alkaline Ionizer System AL700E


Cleansui Undersink Alkaline Ionizer System (AL700E)

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