The Green Life

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When was the last time you felt the grass beneath your bare feet, or heard the rustling of leaves overhead? If you have felt the urge to connect with nature, you are not alone. The American biologist and naturalist, Edward O. Wilson, popularised the term biophilia in the 1980s – the belief that humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature in order to thrive. If you habour fantasies of running through a prairie or sleeping under the stars in a hammock, you are not in the least bit crazy.

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Rapid urbanisation and advances of the 19th and 20th century may have moved us indoors into sterile environments, but the interdependence between humans and nature is very much alive. As the sustainability of Earth approaches a tipping point, the stewardship of natural resources, traditionally left up to governments and regulatory bodies, has trickled down to the individual consumer, aka the eco-centric shopper.

The Eco-Centric Shopper

The eco-centric shopper prioritises the planet before ego. Now more than ever, a dialogue on sustainability has opened up across industry platforms, including the global fashion arena. Numerous fashion labels are pushing the message of sustainability and adopting green practices in their supply chains. Gone are the days when eco-friendly fashion choices were as rare as the endangered species. Today, a wide array of affordable options are available. Brands like BALIZA and AURAHERA have turned to environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton or bamboo fibre to minimise our carbon footprint. AURAHERA relies on 75% bamboo fibre as an alternative to silk for its garments. Did you know that approximately 6,600 silkworms are killed to make 1kg of silk? During production, silkworms are boiled in their cocoons to unravel their threads. We may never know if the humble silkworm is a sentient being that feels pain, but the animal welfare group, PETA, has spoken out against the silk industry to protect these insects. The ethical stakes are getting higher, and fashion labels are adopting cruelty-free practices that are meaningful to the discerning consumer.

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SUI is another conscious fashion label that has made an impressive commitment to save the environment. Based in Singapore and India, their fabrics are sustainably produced and made from eco-blends like organic cotton and hemp. Organic cotton farming strives to eliminate toxic chemicals and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) that are harmful to our ecosystems. The label goes one step further by ensuring that 90% of their garments are herbal dyed, while the remaining are azo-free dyed to prevent environmental pollution and carcinogenic effects. SUI also partners with multiple NGOs to provide work to local communities that are skilled in traditional handicrafts like hand weaving, embroidery and block printing. To the eco-centric shopper, ecological integrity speaks volumes and fashion brands are listening.

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A Healing Home

As we seek to heal Mother Earth, many of us are healing ourselves in the process by cultivating a healthier way of living. And we don’t just mean nutritionally. A home is like a sanctuary—a place for us to find comfort, love and protection. Incorporating natural light, soothing colours, and sustainable furniture into the built environment are just some ways to create a healing atmosphere.

Furnishsg invests in upskilling local craftsmen in Indonesia, so they are able to work in their villages instead of relocating for employment. Each piece of furniture is 100% handmade from raw materials like timber, rattan, water hyacinth and banana leaf.

For more furniture options, visit Rooma at TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 4. Rooma designs rattan and solid wood pieces that will look harmonious in any nature-inspired home.

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As we beautify our external environments, it is important to focus on our inner states. By extension, biophilia inspires a love of all living forms, including the self and others. Invest in items that encourage self-care. A candle can alter the mood of a room dramatically and set the scene for quiet contemplation. iKOU candles are made from wax that is ethically sourced from sustainable plantations that are not involved in deforestation.

If daily stress is wearing you down, prioritise a good night’s rest on sustainably produced bedsheets by Sunday Bedding. Their products are OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning that they are free from harmful substances and manufactured in facilities that respect workers’ rights. You can quite literally rest-assured that your personal purchasing choices are making a positive impact on the environment.

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As we enter into a new chapter of the Earth’s history, we have the power to create a beautiful green way of life. Little changes begin within ourselves and in our homes, one conscious act at a time. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for nature (apologies to Neil Armstrong).


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