Who's Cooking with TANGS | Learn to Make 盆菜 Pen Cai and More

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Welcome to the TANGS kitchen where cooking can be a breeze! Discover how easy and quick it is to whip up even the most complicated dishes with the right tools.

Guess who’s cooking with TANGS in this episode? It’s Uncle Wilson aka The BOSS from Tanyu!

Join him as he teaches Chef Ming how to make a traditional one-pot 盆菜 Pen Cai and 2 other bonus dishes, with the use of only one claypot for each dish!

盆菜 (Pen Cai) Recipe by Uncle Wilson from Tanyu

Serves 8 to 10 pax


Dry Ingredients
• 1 whole Chinese long cabbage
• 2 whole carrots
• 1 whole radish
• Garlic, 2 cloves
• Leek, 2 stalks
• Five-spiced meatball, 5 pcs
• Salmon ball, 5 pcs
• Mushroom ball, 5 pcs
• Braised abalone, 8 pcs
• Scallops, 8 pcs
• Steamed prawns, 8 pcs
• Deep fried tofu, 8 pcs
• Sliced roast pork, 8 pcs
• Deep fried chicken wing, 8 pcs
• ¼ smoked duck, sliced
• ¼ yam, diced and deep fried
• ¼ ginger, sliced

Vegetable Stock
• Boiled vegetable water, 600ml
• Hua Diao wine, 2 teaspoons
• Soya sauce, 1 teaspoon
• Sesame oil, 1 teaspoon
• A dash of white pepper
• Braised abalone stock, 1 can

Cornstarch Solution
• Water, 50ml
• Soya sauce, 1 teaspoon
• Sesame oil, 1 teaspoon
• Corn flour, 3 teaspoons


Vegetable Stock
• Add the water into Tanyu Casserole and bring to a boil on medium heat
• Add in the radish first, followed by the chinese long cabbage then carrot, and cook for 5 minutes
• Remove the vegetables from the casserole and set aside
• *Do not throw away the boiled water

Layering of Pen Cai
• Place a steamer rack at the base of the casserole
• Lay the leek and ginger first, followed by the Chinese long cabbage, carrot and radish on the steamer rack
• Layer all the remaining dry ingredients into the casserole and pour in the vegetable stock
• Cover the casserole and bring it to boil for 20 to 30 minutes on medium heat

• Add in the cornstarch solution and cover it for 5 minutes
• Garnish with coriander and serve immediately

腊味饭 (Chinese Preserved Meat Claypot Rice) Recipe
by Uncle Wilson from Tanyu

Serves 4 to 6 pax

• 2 cups of rice, uncooked
• 2 strips of dried liver sausage
• 2 strips of dried pork sausage
• Garlic, 1 clove
• Gingko nut, 10 pcs
• Bok choy, 8 stalks, chopped
• ¼ smoked duck, sliced
• ¼ ginger, sliced
• Water, 500ml
• Diced smoked duck, 1 tablespoon
• Dark or light soya sauce, 1 teaspoon
• Mirin, 1 teaspoon
• Hua Diao wine, 1 teaspoon
• Oil, 1 teaspoon
• Sesame oil, 2 teaspoons

• Heat the Tanyu Casserole on medium heat
• Add in the oil, ginger and garlic, and stir fry till fragrant and aromatic
• Add in the diced smoked duck, bok choy, gingko nuts and Hua Diao wine
• Followed by the washed rice, mirin and water
• Layer the dried liver sausage, pork sausage and sliced smoked duck over the rice and cover the lid
• Cook over low heat for 10 minutes
• Once cooked, season it with light soya sauce or dark soya sauce and sesame oil according to your preference

Tangerine Baked Chicken Recipe by Uncle Wilson from Tanyu

Serves 4 to 6 pax

• Star anise, 1 pc
• Cinnamon, 1 pc
• Mini tangerines, 10pcs
• Whole chicken, 800g
• Orange juice, 150ml
• Teriyaki sauce, 5 tablespoons
• ¼ block of soft butter

• Mix the teriyaki sauce, orange juice, pepper, and soft butter in a bowl evenly
• Season the chicken with salt and pepper.
• Pour the sauce mixture over the chicken and in between the chicken and the skin
• Leave it to marinate for at least an hour in the refrigerator
• Stuff the mini tangerines, star anise and cinnamon stick into the chicken cavity
• Place the chicken in a Tanyu Casserole and cook it in the oven at 180 degrees for an hour
• Leave it to cool before serving

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