Unique Snacks & Goodies for Chinese New Year 2021

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We bring you good tidings of Chinese New Year snacks galore! With the Christmas season behind us, we can look forward to another round of festivities to eat and be merry. Sugar rush or gold rush? If your “hong bao na lai” days are behind you, these unique goodies will give you something else to celebrate. Here are our top picks just for you.

1. Rose, Matcha & Sweet Potato Pineapple Tarts

Eat your way to prosperity. The Hokkien word for pineapple, ong lai, means “fortune has come”. It is said that the Peranakans created this delectable pastry after drawing inspiration from the Portuguese immigrants of the Malay Peninsula. The melt-in-your-mouth texture is achieved by incorporating water and hard cold butter into the dough using the “rubbing-in” technique that is common in Portuguese baking.

We recommend KELE’s award winning pineapple tarts for taste and “prettiness” factor. Baked to perfection, these beautiful coloured pastries come in unique flavours like rose, matcha and sweet potato.  

2. Ondeh Ondeh Cookies

A fun twist on the traditional kueh, these tasty little spheres are stuffed with gula melaka coconut filling and wrapped in pandan pastry. A kueh disguised as a pineapple tart? Very novel indeed. For the purists who are presently engrossed in a mini identity crisis, we assure you these best-selling cookies by Baker’s Brew are worth a try. Go green, go ondeh ondeh!

Explore more unique flavours from Baker’s Brew like Pineapple Bak Kwa Tarts and Peanut Muah Chee Cookies. The gorgeous tins are great for gifting too.

3. Golden Yuan Yang Love Letters & Seaweed Chicken Floss Love Letters

Forget about roses on Valentine’s Day! The romantic heroine in us is swooning for edible love letters. As the story goes, village girls were forbidden from having clandestine meetings with the opposite gender. The resourceful lovebirds would communicate with secret letters rolled into wafer biscuits. Eating them symbolised taking one’s word to heart and ensured no evidence was left behind.

Spread the love this Chinese New Year with Golden Yuan Yang Love Letters by Mdm Ling Bakery; a mixture of original and charcoal flavours based on a home-style recipe. If you prefer something a little savoury, we suggest the Seaweed Chicken Floss Love Letters. A winning combination for young and old alike.

4. Premium Kurobuta Bak Kwa

Satisfy your bak kwa cravings with Fragrance Premium Kurobuta Bak Kwa. Known as the “wagyu” of the porcine world, Kurobuto (black pig) pork is beautifully marbled and exceptionally tender. Fragrance’s special recipe is made with 100% USA Berkshire pork and 18 herbs with no added preservatives. Each bite-sized piglet is individually wrapped for maximum freshness.

5. Kueh Lapis

Kueh Lapis is a rich layered cake that originated in Indonesia during the Dutch colonial era. Similar to a baumkuchen (a german layered cake), Kueh Lapis requires skill and patience to make. A “thousand-layers” is achieved by spreading a thin layer of batter in the pan and baking each layer until browned. This cake is notoriously hard to master and can take hours to bake to perfection. We don’t blame you if you’re not up to the arduous task yourself!

For a classic cake with a modern twist, we recommend The Lapis Place. Try the Mandarin Orange Kueh Lapis for something citrusy, or the colourful Rainbow Lapis to impress your guests.

6. Eggless and Sugarless Snacks

Chinese New Year is all about having “more”, but if you prefer to go “less”, here are some eggless and sugarless options that are definitely not flavourless. Chocoelf’s range of sugar-free cookies are perfect for diabetic relatives or health conscious millennials. If you have vegetarians in the family, My Mum’s Cookies has a selection of vegetarian eggless cookies. Don’t miss out on yummy flavours like peanut truffle and durian cookies.

Go ahead, eat healthy over the festivities. We’re not judging!

We hope these unconventional confectioneries have piqued your interest. May your homes be filled with harmony, abundance and plentiful snacks! For more Chinese New Year goodies, shop our full range on