All You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep

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We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Can you imagine? If you’re 36, you would have slept 12 years away! A good snooze helps the body to regenerate, repair, and recover. Studies show that adequate sleep can prevent depression, reduce inflammation in the body, and improve overall heart health; not to mention, increased productivity and concentration. If you’ve ever been sleep deprived, you’ll know that being a cranky zombie isn’t fun. A survey by YouGov in 2018 found that 44% of Singaporeans are getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night. Data collected by Fitbit from 2018-2019 revealed that Singapore is the third most sleep deprived nation after Japan and India. There could be many reasons for the insomniac lifestyle, like work stress, mental health disorders, or simply binging on too much nighttime Netflix. If you’re tossing and turning till the wee hours of the morning, perhaps it’s time to upgrade those mattresses and pillows. Here are our top choices for a good night’s sleep. 

1. One by TEMPUR®

We think we’ve found “the one”! One by TEMPUR® is a new mattress range that uses certified space technology to create a material that is simply out of this world. The precursor to TEMPUR® material can be traced back to the 1970s, when NASA developed a pressure-relieving cushion to protect astronauts during lift off. The One by TEMPUR® Medium Hybrid Mattress uses TEMPUR® material that has been perfected over 3 decades to deliver restful sleep. On a scale of soft to firm, this one ranks in the middle. It consists of a 5cm durable base foam, 10cm pocket springs for body support, and 5cm medium TEMPUR® material layer for ultimate comfort. The mattress comes with a convenient zip-off cover, so you can chuck it into the washer anytime.

Paired with the Zero G (Zero Gravity) Adjustable Bed System, you’ll feel truly weightless. Adjust your position at the touch of a button and relieve stress with 3 levels of vibration massage. The one-touch Zero G button automatically adjusts the bed into a pre-set position to relieve cervical spine pressure, thereby reducing acid reflux and minimising snoring. Elevating the legs also reduces swelling, increases blood circulation, and relieves lower back tension. We love playing with buttons that do cool things!

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TEMPUR Zero G Adjustable Bed System, Scandinavian Brown | One by Tempur® Medium Hybrid 

2. The Posturepedic Mattress

Find the best support for your body with Sealy’s Posturepedic mattresses. The word ‘Posturepedic’ is an amalgamation of posture and orthopedic. Originally developed in the 1950s by Dr. Robert G. Addison, an authority figure on chronic pain, along with other leading orthopedic surgeons, Posturepedic is the brand’s flagship line.  Sealy Posturepedic Bliss Cushion Firm Mattress boasts SRx® titanium coils that are designed to respond to body movement and weight, so that you will always feel supported.

Your sleeping position is an important factor to consider when purchasing a Sealy mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, go for a soft mattress to relieve pressure at the hips and shoulders. If you’re a back sleeper, opt for a medium to medium-firm mattress to avoid sinking into the bed and throwing your back out of alignment. For stomach sleepers, Sealy Posturepedic Bliss Cushion Firm Mattress is an excellent option to consider. The firmness of the mattress means that you won’t sink into the surface, so proper breathing can be maintained. Your hips and shoulders will be properly aligned to prevent back or neck pain as you hunker down for a blissful night’s rest. After all, a healthy support system makes us happier people in life.

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Sealy Posturepedic Bliss Cushion Firm Mattress, Queen $4,499 (Usual $7,999)

- FREE Single Mattress or Bed Frame (worth $999)
- FREE 2 Pillows and 1 Mattress Protector (worth $190)
- Till 28 Mar (Sun).

3. The BackCare e-ION Crystal Mattress

We have dubbed this the Crystal Mattress, because it literally contains minerals and crystals. Simmons BackCare® 5 Mattresses uses e-ION CRYSTAL™ technology to promote multiple health benefits while you sleep. A total of 14 different types of natural mineral stones are incorporated into a special fibre that goes into these beds. According to Simmons, you can “bathe in the sea of benefits of Negative Ions and Far-Infrared Rays.” The e-ION CRYSTAL™ emits negative ions and far-infrared rays within a 50-60cm radius of the mattress to deliver positive results, including increased metabolism, improved blood circulation, and better heart and lung functioning.

If your partner is an active sleeper, the Original Pocketed Coil® system will ensure that you are not woken up by every slight movement. The coils are designed to minimise motion transfer and to promote uninterrupted sleep. Dare we say, it keeps relationships intact too?

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Simmons BackCare® 5  e-ION Crystal™ Mattresses

Check in-store and online for more BackCare e-ION series mattress! Prices starts from $2,492.

4. The Coolest Pillows

Stay cool in hot weather with INTERO Cooltech Latex Pillow. Made from natural latex, this breathable material prevents overheating and maintains a relatively consistent temperature, even when the temperature in your room fluctuates overnight. The allergen-free material is ideal if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. Not only is it antimicrobial and antibacterial, it is also resistant to mildew and dust mites. INTERO natural latex is chemical-free and organic, so won’t have to worry about any harmful side-effects when your head hits the pillow.

If you prefer a memory foam pillow, then check out INTERO Coolmax Air Gusset Memory Foam Pillow. Perfect for side, back and stomach sleepers, this antimicrobial pillow disperses heat and promotes airflow.

In case you’re wondering, the difference between latex and memory foam has to do with touch. Memory foam offers a slow response to pressure and conforms to your body-shape as you sink into the surface. Latex bounces back more readily and has a quicker response to pressure, so you will experience a springier lift as opposed to a slow descent. Whatever your preference, these cool options will keep the heat at bay.

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INTERO Cooltech Latex Pillow $89 (Usual $159)INTERO Coolmax Air Gusset Memory Foam Pillow $39 (Usual $129). Till 28 Mar (Sun).

5. Charcoal Pillows

Charcoal is all the rage these days, from smoky barbequed meats to charcoal infused beauty products and now pillows! BALMAIN Cooltech Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow (Contour) is made with cooling fabric and charcoal memory foam. You might be familiar with the toxin-absorbing properties of activated charcoal that is often used to treat upset stomachs. The toxic particles cling to tiny pores on the charcoal surface in a process called adsorption, as they are flushed out of the body. When used in pillows, charcoal absorbs odours and protects against germs.

BALMAIN Cooltech Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow (Contour) has a contoured shape that cradles the head and offers maximum support for those with neck problems. If you prefer a traditional pillow shape, INTERO Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow combines the antibacterial benefits of charcoal and the comfort of memory foam. Feeling burnt out? A charcoal pillow might be the very thing you need.

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Balmain Home Cooltech Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow (Contour) $89 (Usual $189)INTERO Charcoal Air Gusset Memory Foam Pillow $39 (Usual $129). Till 28 Mar (Sun).

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