How to Dress for Your Body Type This Chinese New Year

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Get ready to make a stylish entrance into the Year of the Ox! A well-polished look can elevate your confidence and set the right tone to kick start the New Year. We’ll show you how to make the best of your body type with these flattering outfits for Chinese New Year.  

1. Chicken Wing Arms aka Batwings

Chicken wings are great when they are of the KFC variety, but if you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your “wings”, we say this is one of the easiest areas to camouflage. Try long sleeves or a ¾ sleeve top. A light-weight coat or a fabulous kimono jacket over a sleeveless top does the trick too. Stay away from cap sleeves, which would only accentuate the arms.

These cheerful prints by YeoMama Batik and MINOR MIRACLES will get you in the mood for Chinese New Year.

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Left to right: YeoMama Batik Flynn Batik Top, Cherry Apple | YeoMama Batik Stephy Batik Wrap Top, Vibrant Grey | MINOR MIRACLES Bergamot Morning Coat, Brown Eyes

2. Big Tummy

If squeezing into a cheongsam makes you feel like an overstuffed lapcheong (Chinese sausage), then avoid the body skimming silhouettes. Breathe easy in these floral creations by Ans.Ein. The Vanda Peach Kimono Dress has a cinched waist that adds just the right amount of definition. It is ultra-forgiving on the figure too. Eat to your heart’s content while wearing the Black Blooms Flying Top. This trapeze top flares out at the waist and features an elegant high-low hemline.

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Left to right: Ans.Ein Vanda Peach Kimono Dress | Ans.Ein Blooms Flying Top

3. Long Legs

If you have the legs of a supermodel, then flaunt what you’ve got! Show them off in a knee-length cheongsam. We love these stylish options by Mandarin Peony and Déjà Vu Vintage. These cheongsams are great for petit girls too. A shorter hemline will balance out proportions and elongate the legs. For a lengthier style, the Kawing Tiles Cheongsam Dress by Ains.Ein has a moderate slit to reveal just a glimpse of the leg.

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Left to right: Deja vu Vintage Retro Bus Tickets Cap Sleeve Cheongsam | Mandarin Peony Mori Mini Cheongsam Dress Ans.Ein Kawung Tiles Burgundy Cheongsam Dress

4. Chunky Thighs

We’re jumping for jumpsuits! A modern update on the cheongsam, these wide-leg jumpsuits from Ans.Ein and Cloth.ier will skim over the thighs and give you room to move about with confidence. They have the added benefit of hiding that muffin top too.

Tip: Opt for skinny heels to elongate the line. Avoid chunky heels, flats or wedges that could make you look short and frumpy.

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Left to right: Ans.Ein Sea Shell Asymmetrical Jumpsuit, Grey | Cloth.ier Cut-In Mandarin Collar Jumpsuit, Red

5. A Gorgeous Back

Leave a lasting impression in this stunning black lace cheongsam by Mandarin Peony. If you’re blessed with a sculpted back, show it off with this semi-see through lace number. The v-shaped back panelling ensures adequate coverage for those of us who are concerned about back fat. You can leave your worries behind you and put your best back forward! 

Mandarin Peony Raven Embroidered Lace Cheongsam Dress, Black

6. Functional Pockets

No matter your body type, every woman loves a pair of functional pockets. If you’re like us, you’re always looking for extra space to stash your valuables and necessities on the go. This cotton dress by IN GOOD COMPANY is well equipped with “money-bag pockets”. How aptly coined. We also love the Colette jumpsuit by SABRINAGOH. Say no to faux pockets! Real pockets are a girl’s best friend.

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Left to right: SABRINAGOH Colette Jumpsuit | IN GOOD COMPANY PELEGRIN Stretch Cotton Dress Tobacco 

We hope our fashion tips will help you to feel comfortable in your body. It’s time to stop thinking about your flaws and focus on what truly matters. Family, friends, and good conversation around the reunion table.

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