Top 5 Grooming Concerns for Men

#1 Hair Thinning
It’s daunting to think that one day you could be walking around with a shiny bald top, and YES, some of you might be thinking ‘heck I’ll just be Dwayne Johnson and rock it like him!’ But the truth is its probably going to be difficult to rock it like him. But don’t worry, fretting about the already thinning hair on your forehead will probably do you more harm than good, instead you should focus on ways to prevent and slow down the effects of it. Some hair is better than NO hair right?

Kiehl’s Ultimate Thickening
Shampoo, 250ml

Thicken and strengthen hair

SGD $ 48
Available at TANGS at
Tang Plaza L1 and

Nioxin Scalp Treatment,

Deep cleanses the scalp

SGD $ 110
Available at TANGS at
Tang Plaza L2 and

AVEDA Invanti Men Scalp
Revitalizer, 125ml

Invigorates your scalp

SGD $ 112
Available at TANGS at
Tang Plaza L1 and

#2 Oily Skin
Men usually get 2 things wrong in their daily grooming routine; facial wash and moisturiser. The assumption that ‘you should wash your face more often if you have oily skin’ is wrong. On the contrary, multiple washes actually strip your skin of its natural oils which in turn causes it to produce more oil. Don’t you want skin like Song Joong Ki and have hordes of girls falling at your feet? Well, you need to moisturise, because oil and moisture are 2 very different things. A healthy dose of moisturiser for your skin would actually help reduce the production of sebum a.k.a unhealthy oils.

SK-II MEN Moisturizing
Cleanser, 120g

Flushes out impurities

SGD $ 93
Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, TANGS VivoCity L1 and

Laneige Oil Control Water
Lotion, 150ml

Double-layered water lotion

SGD $ 45
Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, TANGS VivoCity L1 and

Clinique Oil Control Face Wash,

Removes excess shine

SGD $ 36

Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza
L1 and

#3 Body Odour 
Have you ever experienced people slowly inching themselves away from you while you’re mid-conversation? Sure, there could be many reasons for that, but it might be due to the unpleasant body odour! Perspiration and Singapore go hand in hand, Singapore  isn’t called the sunny island for no reason. Instead of taking multiple showers a day, it might be better and more convenient if you used a really good deodorant and sprayed some cologne on.

Aesop Déodorant, 50ml

Neutralising underarm odour.

SGD $ 47
Available at TANGS at
Tang Plaza, L1

Jo Malone Lime Basil &
Mandarin Body & Hand Wash

Scent of limes on a Caribbean breeze

SGD $ 72
Available at TANGS at
Tang Plaza L1

Mr Burberry EDT, 100ml

Seductive scent of London

SGD  $ 142
Available at TANGS at
Tang Plaza L1 and

#4 Razor Burn
Most men think that shaving against the grain or using a foamier shaving cream will help reduce the chances of razor burn. It is, however, better for men to shave according to the grain, to prevent the possibility of ingrown hairs. And as for foamier shaving creams? It’s better to choose one that’s moisturising, as dried out skin is more irritated skin.

Laneige Homme Dual Action
Cleansing Mousse, 150ml

Immediate Skin Hydration

SGD $ 30
Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, TANGS VivoCity L1 and
Shiseido Men Shaving Cream,

Super smooth creamy texture

SGD $ 39
Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, TANGS VivoCity L1 and
Lab Series Razor Burn Relief,

Delivers fast relief from razor burns.

SGD $ 56
Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza
L3 and

#5 Fatigued Eyes
Dark eye rings and tired-looking eyes make you look older than your actual age, whether it’s due to burning the midnight oil or because you were out partying. Resting your eyes periodically or performing simple eye massages would definitely help to reduce this naturally over time. However using eye creams or treatments would be the more efficient and quicker method to get rid of those tired looking eyes.

Clinique Men Anti –
Fatigue Eye Gel, 15ml

Roll-on gel that instantly revitalizes

SGD $ 55
Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, TANGS VivoCity L1 and

Aesop Parsley Seed
Anti-oxidant Eye Serum 15ml

Delivers targeted hydration and nourishment

SGD $ 107
Available in TANGS at Tang Plaza, L1

Biotherm Force Supreme Eye
Architect Serum, 15ml

Reactivate the skin cells at the eye

SGD $ 45
Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, TANGS VivoCity L1 and

Men, don’t suffer in silence anymore. Help is on the way!