Different ways to tie a Tie

When choosing a tie, the pattern, colour and knot can reveal a piece of your personality. A tie is not just a tie anymore, it’s a channel for men to accessorize and spice up their wardrobe. Thus, here are the 6 Things You Should Know about ties:

  1. Know your knots: Depending on the type of knot, the length and thickness of the fabric matters.
  2. Knot size: Take note of where you start your knot from, as different knot sizes will send the wrong message. If you use too much of the wide section of the tie, it will make you seem arrogant. However, if the slim section of the tie is being used, your knot will appear tiny.
  3. Dimples: This requires lots of practice. In order to create a dimple, press the fabric with your finger whilst tightening up the collar. It provides a more textured look to the tie, giving it a nice drape.
  4. Practise, Practise, Practise: Plan and practice knotting the day before you attempt to wear it out.
  5. Right length: Tip of the tie should touch your belt unless you are wearing a vest that covers.
  6. Not so perfect match: It is a very bad idea to wear the exact same patterns for both your shirt and your tie. Display your character or personality with the pattern that is suitable for you.

Here are 5 variations on how you can up your tie game with these adorable ties from Farquhar. Ladies don’t feel left out! Impress your man, by learning a trick or 2 from us!

Named after artist Lisa Van Wijk who claimed to have created this knot, her intention was to make the world’s TALLEST knot. And judging by how the knot turned out, it’s safe to say that this knot did meet her expectations! This knot uses a lot of fabric due to its loops, and it’s meant to be slightly slanted with irregular layers.  It’s a great way to add a little twist to the usual, wear it tight or lose it’s really up to you! 

Invented by Brent Murrell, this playful knot is the inversion of the Windsor. The slim part of the tie is placed in front to reveal the logo. It is a great alternative to the standard business knots and probably great for getting the conversations going.

It is unclear who came up with this knot but it is crystal clear that this knot is a work of art. The Cape Knot is ideal for ties with patterns however try to avoid stripes as it may look dishevelled. This knot can easily transform your casual outfit into something more sophisticated.

Be the talk of the town with this eye-catching knot, its triple tucks resemble the Celtic-looking Triquetra knot! It creates a vortex at the centre which makes it suitable for solid colours, polka dots or stripes. This knot is a stylish gentlemen’s way to stand out yet be subtly dapper.

It is unclear if Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis is the inventor of this knot, but he was definitely one of the first few people to innovate and use this knot! This knot is different and unique from the rest because of its effortless look. If you’re not used to having it out and looking flat, you can use a tie clip to give it a more defined look. 

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