The Art of Cleaning

Coming home to a clean living space makes one feel happier and more relaxed. But it doesn’t just stop there! A clean house also means that the risk of falling ill or getting injured is lowered as well. Of course, having a clean house doesn’t just happen overnight, it requires work and discipline to achieve it. Here are 2 ways of achieving this, a daily routine and a weekly routine.

Daily Routine
The saying a little bit goes a long way is no exaggeration here! Cleaning your home daily like taking out the thrash, not leaving dirty dishes in the sink, cleaning up crumbs after a meal or wiping down the kitchen stains after cooking is absolutely necessary.  These daily clean ups are important as they decrease the possibility of insects or critters from coming out to play while you wander off to slumber.
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Weekly Routine
Dedicating 1 day in the week to do the heavy lifting of your entire housework means more time to rest on other days. This means giving the toilet a proper wash, doing the laundry, ironing your clothes, cleaning your sheets and maybe even wiping down the windows and mirrors. Weekly clean ups are essential as there’s something about a clean and clutter free environment that frees your mind of stress.

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