Latest Fitness And Food Favorites

For those into the latest fitness and food favorites


Hands up if you have ever set your alarm to get up extra early for a morning workout but when hearing it ring, chose to stay in your oh so comfy bed instead. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with exercise and healthy diets, but at TANGS we try to inspire you to put the FUN into fitness with our latest fitness and food favorites.


The fit woman’s secrets

Whether you want to look smashing while working out, need a glamorous mocktail recipe or hoping to adopt a new healthy habit, Lorna Jane is your source of inspiration. This Ozzie fitness and fashion icon started changing the active wear landscape over 25 years ago. As a fitness teacher, being bored with the then available women’s active wear, she started sowing up her own outfits. Her designs quickly gained a following, with the women in her classes requesting their own custom-made pieces. Fast forward to 2015, Lorna’s threads, lifestyle accessories, books and blog are inspiring women around the globe to live healthy, active and happy lives. With over 600K fans, Lorna’s tips are worth following.

Lorna Jane Active Wear, accessories and her books full of fit woman’s secrets and recipes are available at TANGS at Tang Plaza,TANGS Vivocity and

Eat wide awake

Fast food can be dangerously irresistible. It’s easy, it’s fast and it satisfies. Well for an hour at least. Rather than a short sugar rush, SaladStop! gives you the best of both worlds with an abundance of healthy guilty pleasures, take-away or eat in. It’s salads and wraps are jam-packed with flavor and only the freshest ingredients.


Come treat your taste buds and experience ‘eating wide awake’ at the newest addition to this family owned business at Tang Plaza.


Liquid kickstart

If you’re into cleansing, making your own nut milks or mean greens and you want the most nutrients into your body as possible, having a regular juice is the way to go.


At TANGS Market at Tang Plaza, you can indulge on some liquid goodness on-the-go at our Juice Bar. In case you can’t make it to TANGS at Tang Plaza on a daily basis, you can DIY your own boost with great help from Kuvings, Naturai, and Hurom. Our experts at TANGS can tell you all about the latest juicing tech and demonstrate the best juicing gadgets whichever suits your needs.