International Women's Day

It’s time to celebrate women, and we don’t mean just any women. This year, for International Women’s Day, we want to talk about the women in our everyday lives. Let’s start with the ones closest to us, usually overlooked or taken for granted. These amazing women juggle, from wielding a frying pan to ruling the corporate world with an iron fist!

They have created such an impact in our lives without us even realising it, so it’s time to say thank you and show our appreciation.


The first unsung hero – MUM.  From the moment she knew she was pregnant with you, you were precious to her. It is always for you and about you. When you fall, she is there to pick you up. She will laugh with you in the good times and cry with you in the bad times. She’s always there.

A mother’s love is the greatest thing you can ever receive in your life; it never falters and never changes, it always protects and always forgives. Whether you have a mum that slays in the corporate world or one that stays home, your mum works hard to ensure you receive nothing but the best.


Our second unsung hero – your SISTER, the person who spars with you both verbally and physically, and loves you more than she loves herself. Don’t think so? Sure, we all grew up with some form of sibling rivalry, arguing and telling on each other, shouting ‘MUM!’ after every injustice. But after every argument, you’ll still probably find yourselves sharing a cookie in the kitchen.

If you’re a boy that grew up with a sister we’re pretty sure she provided you with the best fashion and love advice because she knows what girls like. If you’re a girl and you have a sister, you get to share clothes, secrets and love stories. But the one thing we’re absolutely sure that happens with sisters - if your heart gets broken, they’ll be there to catch you. Yes they will! Your sister will be your biggest defender and fighter, why? Because no one besides them has the right to put you through such heartache and live to tell the tale after!


Our third unsung hero – DAUGHTERS, the jewels of the family.  They argue with their mothers yet enjoy a day out shopping together. They complain about doing housework, yet willingly do so when no one wants too. They learn to cook and care without being asked too, that’s the beauty of daughters. Yes you may find that they aren’t as physically strong, but daughters have the innate ability to be sensitive yet observant.

Watching them grow up to become a reflection of their mothers would be the best compliment and respect any child could offer.


Our last unsung hero – GRANDMA. This lady right here is the real champion! This amazing woman would most likely have been the one that taught your mum how to cook and care for you. Since you were born, she not only made sure that she was your shield every time you had a disagreement with your parents; she also kept all the best dishes at the table just for you.

In her old age, moving around would probably be tough, but she would still follow you everywhere just to ensure that you were safe and sound. In order to spend more time with you, she would join you on all your adventures to the playground. The amount of time she spends with you is a testament to how much she loves you, and you would never find another elder as caring and loving as this one.

To all the unsung heroes in our lives –thank you for all your time and effort. Having you as part of our lives have shaped us into the people we are today. Here’s wishing you the best day ever this International Women’s Day!