In the dressing of Lisa Crosswhite

Style Hawker gets up close and personal in a new series of bi-monthly interviews featuring friends of TANGS! 

In our first-ever instalment, we speak to Lisa Crosswhite, founder and CEO of Gnossem, the online store for "unboring women". Admired for her independent style and strong character, Lisa has graced numerous "Best Dressed Lists" and been profiled in several local and international media titles. 

Gnossem comes to TANGS in a limited edition pop-up at the House of TANG, TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 4, from 15 Jan (Fri) to 29 Feb (Mon) 2016

Who are you Lisa Crosswhite?

I'm a dreamer that thrives off of committing my visions into reality - with focus and hard work. If you are a passionate person, who is obsessed with self actualization - we are cut from the same cloth. I founded Gnossem, and have run it for almost four years, as well as recently designed and launched CHI CHI VON TANG. I'm in my element with fashion and like building concepts that celebrate the Independent Woman. I love people that dance to their own tune, and want to connect with more of them!

Can you defined your style?

It's eclectic, strong and modern. I don't stick in any one style genre. I get inspired by variety. But generally what I wear has a strength to its design, and is bold and fun.

Who is your style icon?

Toughy. For today, I'm going to say my friend Shruti Ganguly. She's based in New York, and is an indie film producer with an incredible knack for melding ethnic inspired fashion with modern indie pieces..... She always looks so unique and gorgeous in her own way. And I love the honesty and confidence in that.

Where do you find inspiration?

Writers, art, world news, cultural currents, my friends, biographies, epic designer legends, history, nature, a conversation.... To me, inspiration is a tap. You turn it on, and it starts flowing rather quickly. But there must be a conscious turning on.... An intention to see the world with an explorer's eyes.

What is your beauty routine?

I use the same few products. Clarins creams. MAC studio perfect powder foundation for a few light touch ups. MAC bronzers, brushes, mascara, eyeshadow, lipsticks..... I only use a particular lip balm because it's just the best EVER - HURRAW! is made in the UK. I buy bags of them at once.

Generally I don't wear much makeup. I focus on eyebrows, complexion and reapply HURRAW a million times a day... The flavours are awesome and it's all natural, raw, organic ingredients. When I go out, I do an intense smoky eye - I like being daring and making a statement. It's just so much fun.

What is your favourite piece in your dressing? and Why?

It changes, but shoes are generally a key part. Right now my 'go to' is a pair of leather sandals that have a slight platform by MIISTA. we sell them at gnossem. They have the squishiest most comfy sole ever, and make every outfit look uber modern and street hip. Also my Stuart WEITZMAN Gladiator sandals. And my Isabel Marant Nest heels.

I also LOVE jackets. Bombers, blazers, throw overs, capes, trenches etc.... I'm obsessed with casual statement jackets and hence CHI CHI VON TANG being quite focussed on them.

What is a must have from Tangs this season?

The CHI CHI VON TANG Warrior Bomber. It's so badass. A classic. Over a blouse or T-shirt. I like the dressed down look it gives while simultaneously making you look pulled together and ultra cool. Check it out on L4.

What is your wish for 2016? (travel, experience ..)

I want to make more close friendships with super creative souls all around the world. As well as grow CHI CHI VON TANG into an internationally sold and appreciated label. I also want to tell our story at Gnossem as loudly, clearly and proudly as possible. We want to dress the 'unboring woman' and create a lifestyle around that. Lastly, I want to master my tennis game!!!! I have a long way to go....!