Earth Month

In the world today, we see our dependence on machinery and technologies grow and become a part of our lifestyle. Sure, our lives are made simpler, but our dependence has caused the earth to suffer. April is Earth Month, a time for us to show our appreciation and awareness of how we’re treating Mother Nature. Today, we highlight some of the brands who have taken Mother Earth into consideration and are doing their part, no matter how big or small, to be environmentally and socially aware.


Exquisite pieces of jewellery crafted from scrap metal
found from landmines and unexploded ordnances (UXOs).
Turning war remnants  into art never looked and felt this good.

Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L2 and


  Bamboo products that are 100% organically grown and
  biodegradable. Comes in a range of impressive
  colourful tableware that is strong, solid and easy to

  Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza, B1

Estimated to last 30,000 hours or 27 years equivalent of
30 incandescent bulbs or 4 compact fluorescent bulbs.
Light up your life with these beautiful origami LED lights.

Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L4 and


  Uses ingredients that are ethically sourced and a
  product of solar and wind power. They support and
  believe in the concept ‘business that benefits all’,
  supporting fair trade and Australian growers.

  Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L4 and

Designs are hand-woven using an age-old traditional method of weaving and tie dying. Their support for local crafts using materials that aren’t mass produced helps reduce our carbon footprint while creating job opportunities for craftsmen.

Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza, L4


  A brand with a different collaboration every year to
  give back in the form of donations to charities. Start
  doing your part by simply recycling your old Kiehl’s
  products at our counters today!

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