Bags are an investment

Everyone has a go to bag! It’s that one bag that you love and carry all the time simply because it’s that one bag that just fits. So if that bag falls apart due to your constant wear and tear or because of an unfortunate accident that happen, you’ll be heartbroken. So how do we prevent heartbreak?

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Prevent heartbreak by making sure you give your bags some TLC, tender loving care. Do note that different materials require different care, so it’s best to know the type of product you’re handling. Like they say, ‘PREVENTION is better than CURE’, hence your bags should be protected before you attempt to use it.

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Here are 7 tips you can keep handy to prolong the lifespan of your bags.

Tip 1.
Avoid handling your bags when your hands are dirty or right after you’ve applied lotions or creams.

Tip 2.
Protect the lining of your bag with small pouches; this prevents accidental spillage, tears or stains occurring in your bag.

Tip 3.
Do not over-fill your bags as this will cause premature wear and tear that will worsen the shape of the bags.

Tip 4.
Remove stains right away and remember to wipe it on a daily basis.

Tip 5.
Store your bags in room temperature and away from sunlight! Exposure to direct sunlight can destroy the color of your bag.

Tip 6.
Use dust covers or store your bags back into boxes to ensure that the bags do not get dusty.

Tip 7.
Bags should be properly stuffed with loose white tissue papers to help maintain its shape.

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One can never have too many bags!