An Exciting New Brand At TANGS

An Exciting New Brand At TANGS

Luxury and environmental consciousness may be unlikely bedfellows, but with skin and body care brand BA YAN KA LA, it all makes sense. Brand founder Jean Zimmermann tells us more.

BA YAN KA LA takes its name from a legendary mountain range that forms the great divide between China’s Yellow River in the north and the Yangtze River in the south. Being a firm believer of the curative properties of Chinese herbal medicine, founder Jean Zimmermann was inspired to create a range of products that combines ancient traditions with contemporary luxury.

BA YAN KA LA is also committed to environmental consciousness; it eschews synthetic ingredients, fragrances, and colourants, and does not test on animals at all. It is the first cosmetics brand in China to be awarded the Cruelty Free Certification by Cruelty Free International, the leading organisation working to ban animal testing. So where does this commitment to living ethically come from?

Zimmermann, who was born in Alsace, France, says, “My parents were among the first to pioneer the organic movement over 40 years ago. They explored the bounties offered by Mother Nature, and started using essential oils and herbal remedies instead of Western medicine. When I came to China in 1994, I discovered the ancient wisdom of plants and tremendous benefits of natural cures. It fortified my belief that slow and natural remedies are best suited to help us remain healthy while promoting a green and sustainable future for our children.”

Q: Tell us about the product range that will be available at TANGS.

A: “We’ve brought with us our famous and widely recognised antioxidant Tibetan Roseroot range of body care. This range of products comes with a wonderful essential oil blend of Geranium, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint, and is used by many 5-star hotels. Also available are our handcrafted and spiritual Shangri La Yak Butter Candles.

However, the highlight will be the introduction of our new generation of skincare and body care, which has been engineered with a powerful antioxidant, Chaga Mushroom. This is an amazing anti-pollution protection for modern urban dwellers!”


Q: Like many modern cities, the people in Singapore are often stressed-out and tired. Which products would you recommend them, and why?

A: “As in most urban centers around the world, we are coming under a great number of environmental and external aggressions such as a stressful lifestyle, the ever-changing climate, excessive air-conditioning, and urban pollution. All these factors cause our mind, skin, and hair to suffer.

For the mind, we offer 100 percent pure and natural essential oils scents to create a comfortable environment at home or in the office. Our Clear Mind balm is a perfect remedy for stress and its blend of relaxing and mind-calming oils will create an immediate sense of wellbeing.

For skin and hair, our skincare and hair-care products create a shield against harmful micro-particles, giving you healthy skin and beautiful hair.  When you use BA YAN KA LA skincare and body care, you can take heart knowing you’re caring for yourself and for the planet at the same time.”


Q: In an interview, you mentioned that your brand is proud to hold the “Made in China” label, even though many people still don’t see it as prestigious. Can you explain why?

“Our belief is that change is the only constant in the universe. Even though we tend to pursue stability, from the moment of our birth we have been changing as human beings and our environment is also constantly evolving. We need to be able to adapt to the reality of each new day. From the day I first landed in Beijing in 1994 to what we have achieved with BA YAN KA LA today, I have witnessed a lot of change and I’ve seen this country leap forward in an unprecedented way. China is now the largest economy in the world, has sent astronauts to space, has become the number one country for wind energy generation and is second only to Germany for sola- generated energy. China has become the place where prominent fashion labels, beauty brands, and famous mobile phone brands are being produced.  

BA YAN KA LA is proudly based in Shanghai and we are launching some of the cleanest, highest natural ingredient concentrated formulas ever created with a strong proven efficacy. We’re leading the change that is coming and that we see accelerating. As one of the oldest and mightiest civilisations the world has seen, China is naturally gaining back the prominent place it deserves in the world.” 

Q: Using one sentence, how would you convince a customer in Singapore to try Ba Yan Ka La products?

A: “With renowned hotels and spas like Park Hyatt, The Peninsula, St Regis, Four Seasons, The Puli, Ritz Carlton, and many others trusting us for over eight years, and over five million 5-star hotel guests enjoying the BA YAN KA LA experience, it is simply because our natural products are just what we say they are – green, clean, safe, good for the people, and good for the planet!”

BA YAN KA LA is exclusively available at TANGS at Tang Plaza, L4.