A night under the stars

Can you imagine sitting down under the night sky with your significant other and nature all round you? Well, don’t let your imagination stop there, how about throwing in some other elements? Maybe a nice mat, a throw, some soft pillows and a picnic basket of fresh produce and tipples? You'll be all set with your very own picnic 'table' under the beautiful night sky.

The Essentials

You’ll need a Picnic Mat big enough for two, your banquet and enough space to stretch out and roll about! Insect Repellent to keep the bugs at bay, and for some Light, maybe a battery powered lamp or mood enhancing candles. Lastly it’s bound to get really hot and humid, so why not bring a long a fan to help cool yourself down.

The Dressing

The usual smart casual or formal won’t cut it, so what exactly should you wear? Ladies we recommend something comfortable and flowing, allowing you to sit on the mat. Gentlemen, we recommend that you dress comfortably too, with lightweight natural linen and cotton. Most importantly, wear easy-to-remove Shoes for style, comfort and ease!

The Food

Lastly, we have snacks in a basket! NO MESSY FOOD ALLOWED. We’re talking about food that will drip or require you to use your bare hands to really dig into it. BANISH THAT THOUGHT. Messy food equals a messy you, and really, that would just be unpleasant for you and your date. Food that is prepacked like chicken salad, strawberries and grapes are a healthy start and ready to go! Drinks don’t forget to toast the occasion with some wine, or something cool and refreshing.

That’s it, you’re ready! A night under the stars promises to be a romantic activity or an adventure, different from your usual date nights.