7 Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays.

The rest of the year is hard enough, but how on earth are we going to stick to the healthy plan during festive season? On average, we put on between 0.5 and 1 kg during the holidays. Here are seven tips on how to keep your body merry in the lead up to Christmas and feel good the next morning.

Start with breakfast

Breakfast can often get skipped whether due to the excitement of opening presents or the pressure of preparing Christmas dinner. But our mums were right; it all starts with a good, healthy breakfast to get your body going. Probiotic yoghurts to help the immune system or a bowl of porridge or quinoa to stabilize your blood sugars will do the trick and will help you control the urge to overindulge later that day.


Sensible Snacking

When arriving at a Christmas party, chances are you’re hungry and ready to give into Santa’s unhealthy snacks section. Prepare by having a proper lunch and eat something healthy and filling before you leave like nuts, a piece of dark chocolate or a nutritious salad.



Even during the Christmas party or big night out you can do your body a huge favour by keeping hydrated. There will be wines and cocktails, but alternate by drinking plenty of water and/or herbal teas in between. You will be so happy the next morning!!


Rather than hanging in front of the TV all day waiting for the next dinner party, go for a walk with friends or family or organize a sporty Christmassy activity like ice skating. A brisk 30-minute walk will burn around 200 calories, the equivalent of one portion of Christmas pudding or a big glass of red wine.

Punch anyone?

No thanks. Steer clear of the punch bowl. We repeat. Steer clear of the punch bowl. Punches are notorious for containing an excessive amount of alcohol. The worst part is that you don’t notice it until it’s too late as they taste so darn nice, sweet and innocent…


Pick wisely

It sounds so obvious, but at the Christmas buffet, go with the healthier options such as salad, veges, fish and turkey.  Keep it to one plate and put it down once you finish. Don’t stay around the buffet and pick all night long. And by all means, go for the dessert. It’s Christmas after all. Just don’t go overboard. Take a few small things and enjoy those to the max! 

The Morning After…
The best way to kick start the morning after the big Christmas extravaganza is to make yourself a nice plate full of omelets or scrambled eggs with tomatoes. The choline in eggs will help the liver clear out the toxins. And the tomatoes will get you an extra bucket load of brownie points in the antioxidant section.  Combine with a nice smoothie with kiwi or bananas and a bit of honey. These are all rich in potassium which helps to counteract the effects of the alcohol.

Have yourself a healthy Christmas! Xoxo The TANGS team