What's HOT at H.O.T for your home

Many people head to TANGS for the wide variety of home and lifestyle offerings, impressive range of beauty brands, or our highly-selected range of international and homegrown fashion labels.

However, not many know about the exquisite range of products made by inspiring artists & designers available at TANGS. The House of Tang, located on level 4 of TANGS at Tang Plaza, is a whole new world of lifestyle, design, art and technology, filled with amazing products waiting to impress.

Here are our ‘top picks’ found at ‘House of Tang’ that you should definitely consider grabbing.

Latvia Bride Standing Lamp

Beautifully hand crafted no two lamps are the same; each lamp has its own unique braided pattern and is designed to be different. Its airy appearance exudes a soft charm and lightness. The cloud-like texture and the way light shines through each detail, is similar to sun rays peeking through clouds. Definitely a great buy for those who like to have a great conversation piece to start the ball rolling.

SGD $2,500

The Godown – Petrified Wood Bookend Set

Books, Books, BOOKS! Whether you’re a Collector, Reader or designer books are something that we’ll always have in abundance. From textbooks to novels, we’re bound to have some books lying around! How about organising and putting them up nicely using these lage petrified wood bookend sets. Available in a variaty of colours, sizes and shapes their guranteed to be the most eye-catching detail on your shelves. Depending on your needs, they come in different weights to ensure that even the heaviest of encylocpedias are held up.

SGD $299

Azel Mono LED Lamp

Polished, sleek and easy to use, the AZEL Mono LED lamp is perfect for homeowners who want flexibility and style all in one. One of its most impressive features is its built-in “Qi” wireless charging technology, which charges Qi-enabled smartphones simply by placing them on the lamp base.

SGD $199

Come home to an aromatic treat where everytime you arrive home it smells like you’re at a resort. The Glasshouse scents and fragrances comes in a variety of candles and diffusers. The attention to detail is what makes the Glasshouse stand out from the rest, the knowledge that not all scents are suited for all methods of diffusion. Certain scents are only available in either a diffuser or a candle and not duplicated in both cases.

SGD $29 - $75

Geraldine Mostachfi

Decorate your walls with these amazing art pieces by Geraldine Mostachfi, a series of amazing photographs on canvas taken from all around Singapore. From Haji Lane to Little India, every piece is uniquely Singaporean and truly embodies the multifaceted charm of our Little Red Dot. The vibrant colours are exactly what you need for those empty walls in your home.

SGD $1,060

BowerbirdNeed something to impress when you have guest over, what better way than a stunning range of handcrafted ceramic and silver hand painted vases, bowls, platters, pots, teacups and urns! Look for Bowerbird, available in an array of colours that promises to provide the perfect centrepiece in your dining room (or any room, for that matter). These beautiful pieces make a statement in any contemporary, classic or traditional home. Not to mention last a lifetime, so they’re not only decorative, but will make beautiful heirlooms as well.

SGD $37.45 - $ 411.95

Delight loved ones or indulge yourself with the unique lifestyle offerings from the House of Tang today!