The Best Thing Ever - Freshly Baked Bread

If we could have a sneaky look into the near future and predict two major food trends for 2016, we’d put our money on (1) the happy & healthy trend – people are getting more conscious about what they consume and how it makes them feel, they demand less processed food – and (2) the increase in home cooking trend – people are getting more creative in their own kitchen, whether it's brewing their own coffees, slow juicing their favourite fruits and veggies, or baking their own cakes. Not only for the sake of taste and nutrition but also for the purpose of sharing their creations with family and friends. Ok, and Instagram followers...

Combining these food trends, we foresee a rise of the artisan loaf and a comeback of home bread-baking. There’s nothing quite like the sheer delight of eating a freshly baked slice of bread or the scent of freshly baked bread that alone, could sell a house. Be warned though; bread baking is addictive. It’s hard to stop once you’ve started. 

Here are some of our favourite kitchen tools for bread making:


Mix your favourite ingredients and bake your own perfect loaf with the Mayer Bread maker. This is one of the most popular bread machines and it even allows you to set the timer so you can wake up to the aroma of freshly baked bread every morning!

SGD 108.00

Available at here.


This new little kitchen helper from Easy Bread lets you whip up the most delicious, fresh, healthy, artisan style bread in 2 hours. How? Think of it as a Nespresso machine for bread lovers. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just insert your favourite bread flavour capsule, add water and press start! Anybody can be a baking fairy now.

SGD 399.00

Available at here.

Nature in a capsule

The 6 Easy Bread baking mixes consist of the best ingredients from the bread connoisseurs in Austria and Germany and do not contain any artificial additives. That means no genetically modified ingredients, no artificial preservatives and no added artificial aroma’s or colours. The Easy Bread gurus even created a gluten free and a sour dough mix. So pick your favourite and start baking!



Gluten Free

High quality, gluten-free bread, perfect for anyone with gluten allergies or for those wanting to limit their gluten consumption.


A healthy alternative for wheat that tastes delicious. Speltano is a light bread consisting of at least 90% spelt flour.


This delicious wheat bread is made with a hint of extra virgin olive oil for its classic Italian flavor and a firm consistency.

Country love

Sunflower seeds, flaxseed, oat flakes and other carefully selected ingredients give this multigrain bread a typical rustic flavour.


This authentic sourdough has a crunchy crust and is packed with aromatic, rustic flavour on the inside. In addition, it improves the digestibility.


Puro is a classic white bread using only the best, selected wheat flour.  It is deliciously crunchy on the outside and nicely moist on the inside.



Available at here.


A digital kitchen scale is often the first accessory new bread makers acquire when they get started. Small changes make a big difference so take your bread-baking skills to a different level of success with one of these digital kitchen scales.


Tanita Digital Lithium Scale KD-811 at SGD 48.00, Soehnle Page White Digital Kitchen Scale at SGD 105.00

Available at here.


Introduce your little ones to the wonders of baking their own bread and cakes with this Jamie Oliver Breads and Cakes Set. Perfect for parents with young children who would like to develop their interest in cooking, it also creates a perfect atmosphere for bonding.

SGD 28.90

Available at here.


Start baking away!