Home Sweet Home

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a hotel and are immediately transported into a heavenly-scented paradise? It’s an effective method to create ambience and seduce the senses; it lifts your mood and soothes tensions immediately. Beautiful fragrances influence our emotions, invoke pleasant memories and change your state of mind like no other sensory stimulation. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a short getaway or staycation, why not spend some of it on some amazing fragrances instead? Transform your own home with this simple trick and you’ll leave feeling happy and come home feeling relaxed!


To Be Calm's range of fragrances was created in
recognition of the fact that we cannot always control the
busy and often challenging circumstances of our daily
lives. We can, however, do a great deal to create an
atmosphere and environment which calms our busy
minds and embraces positive thoughts.

SGD $ 20 - $ 50
Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza B1, TANGS VivoCity
L2 and


  Royal Doulton home fragrances are produced using
  the best oils and ingredients. The Royal Doulton
  Aroma Reeds are made of the highest quality, with a
  unique formula resulting in a shelf life of over 7
  months after opening.
The reeds provide a long lasting
  and pleasant fragrance which fills your home.

  SGD $ 80.10
  Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza B1, TANGS VivoCity
  L2 and


Hailing from Sri Lanka, where having tea is a daily
ritual for relaxation and enjoyment, The 1872 Clipper
Tea Co. blends are widely appreciated for their
consistency in quality, signature aroma and refined
taste. Interestingly, they’ve now introduced 30g hand-
poured, soy wax candles. They have burn time of
approximately 18 to 20 hours and are available in an
array of interesting scents.

SGD $ 23 - $ 60
Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza, B1 and


   A Japanese verb meaning “to rest, to relax, to
   restore”, iKOU is an Australian Skincare & Home
   Fragrance brand that believes in the synergy of luxury
   and environmental awareness, using ethically sourced
   Natural and Organic ingredients made from Solar and
   Wind power. iKOU is socially responsible and believes
   in a “business that benefits all”, supporting Fair Trade
   and Australian farmers.

   SGD $ 39 - $ 99
   Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza, L4 and