A Good Night's Rest

Playing a vital role in our physical well-being is sleep! Getting enough rest will not only help to ensure our quality of life, but our mental and physical health as well. Let’s start with the most basics, bedsheets and pillows!

How to choose the right pillow?
Consider your sleeping position as the way you sleep may affect the height and size of your pillow, different positions require different types of support.

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• Choose a filling that gives you the most comfort and support on your neck, with so many types out there from synthetic to feathers you’ll be spoilt for choice.
• Decide on the size of the pillow as the wrong size may lead to neck and back aches and in some cases even headaches.
• Select the right softness of the pillow, comfortability and support for your neck is essential.

How to choose the right bedsheets?

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• Material choice is important as who doesn’t love a soft and comfortable bed to lie on. Cotton is widely popular and comes in different types the most sought after would be Egyptian cotton.
Thread count of the sheets, as the higher the thread count the softer the sheets.
The weave of the sheets do matter as depending on the number of horizontal or vertical threads it affects the overall texture.

Quick Tips
Now that you got your bed all set up with comfy sheets and pillows; it’s time to hear what the experts have to say about shutting down for the night.

1. Allocating enough time for sleep.
For adults, 7 to 9 hours of sleep should suffice anything less or more may get your body to throw tantrums.

2. Ensure that bedtime and wake time is consistent.
Our body is accustomed to following a routine.

3. Avoid watching the television or using your mobile phone right before you sleep.
The blue light emitted from such devices will make it harder to fall asleep as your body interprets it as sunlight.

4. Adjust the room environment according to your liking.
Glaring lamps should be avoided and setting the room temperature to your desired conditions would be good.

5. Exercise 
A light cardio like walking aids in reducing stress levels which improves on your length and quality of sleep. Just be sure not to work out 4 hours before your bedtime as your body will remain active.

6. Food can be disruptive right before hitting the sack too.
If you’re hungry, grab a bite instead of a large meal. A change in dietary habits can also affect your sleeping routine.

7. Certain medications may be the cause of your insomnia.
Consult your doctor with the prescriptions to identify if there are any properties in them that might be the cause.

8. Essential oils or scents.
Spritz some essential oils or sleep-inducing scents on your pillow to help you relax. TRY: To Be Calm Essential Oil

It’s time for you to get a good night’s rest my friend.