Regional Designers

Let’s raise a glass to some of the most talented designers’ right in our neighbouring countries! Many of them famous in their own communities are breaking societal norms and proving that they too have a place to stand on the world stage.  

CHI CHI VON TANG (Singapore)

The perfect marriage of East and West is Chi Chi Von Tang, founded by model turned fashion designer Lisa Crosswhite. Her edgy yet surprisingly traditional outfits are a combination of the 21st century lady channeling asian couture. The outcome is usually a fierce piece of apparel that you can pair with any basic and exude your confidence in.

ARANAZ (Philippines)

A wonderful, creative take on accessories is fashion label Aranaz. This quirky brand has an abundance of intricate and colourful designs where every piece is made using traditional Filipino craftsmanship. Founded by Becky Aranaz and her 2 daughters, they have ensured that every piece from every collection is polished and artisanal.

SILSUPA (Thailand)

With its defined lines and distinct cut outs Silsupa is edgy and impossibly daring in its day to night designs. Founded by Silsupa Apirukthanon, who was born in Thailand and raised in United States, her years of experience in the fashion industry helped spurred her on to set up Silsupa. Her modern and minimal look with hints of femininity  is a must have for every metropolitan women.

PATRICK OWEN (Indonesia)

Founded by Patrick Owen who was born in Indonesia and educated in Singapore, his designs are not for the faint of heart! Usually unorthodox and different from main stream fashion, Patrick is dedicated to exploring ways to recreate beauty in ways we have not seen before.

Many of the beautiful pieces in Sapto Djojokartiko collection is a reflection of his Javanese roots. Born and raised in Solo, a place rich in Javanese traditions and Dutch feudalism, he mixes tradition, dance, music and architecture into every creation. The outcome is often a bold and modern look filled with intricate designs and patterns.

Head on over to TANGS at Tang Plaza L2 to check these amazing designers and their collections out today!