Pretty in Pastel

The season of pastels is upon us, from pinks, to blues and creams. We give you a dress to a bag, a shoe to a notebook. No worries, we guarantee that you won't be a hot mess of colours after we're through, well, not unless you want to be. If not, just subtle hints of colour to ensure you have just the right amount of pop. 

Here are some of the MUST HAVE pastel items this season!

 This beautiful piece falls at the
 knees with a square halter neckline.
 Together with an asymmetric 
 hemline and dusty pink colour it
 makes for a simple yet elegant

 SGD $199.95

 Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza,

 A pair of mid-waisted, wide legged
 pants in heavy crepe. Its wide
 straight-cut front pockets, double
 front hooks and top-to-toe lining
 make this a dream come true for
 any girl.

 SGD $189

 Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza,

 Samantha Vega
 To really complete your Spring look,
 purchase the ‘IT’ bag from
 Samantha Vega. Its pastel blue is
 perfect for a day out with friends.

 SGD $204

 Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza,

 Sturt your stuff and style for all to
 see in this beautiful pair of pastel
 blue heels. Clarks shoes always
 have ample support to ensure that
 your feet are well taken care of.

 SGD $239

 Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza
 L2 and TANGS VivoCity L1.

 Clutch Me by Q
 Simple in design and structure,
 Clutch Me 
by Q proves to provide
 the prefect blend 
 sophistication and simplicity
their contemporary foldover
 SGD $369

 Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza,

 Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice
 What better way to add subtle
 pastels to your everyday life than
 with a handy dandy notebook! This
 notebook from Samantha Thavasa
 is too adorable to miss out.

 SGD $79
 Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza