Melissa x Jeremy Scott

‘People don’t want quiet fashion from me. They want the whole nine yards.’ -  Jeremy Scott, The New York Times.

Easily recognisable for their bubble-gum scent, iconic designs and loud colours, Melissa shoes are highly sought after by many. Their wearability stems from their patented plastic material, called MELFLEX. Amazingly comfortable, it’s also hypoallergenic, odourless and 100% biodegradable. With this many good features, it’s no wonder that many celebrities and fashion icons have become huge fans and advocates of Melissa.


For its latest collection, Melissa has done it yet again; with a long list of famous collaborators, we now add Jeremy Scott to the list. As a designer, Jeremy Scott loves to see people wear his designs and have his work be a part of their everyday life. This encouraged his decision to collaborate with Melissa, as he felt that through this, he would be able to create something that was both wearable and affordable.


“I do always like the idea of putting a smile on people’s faces when they see my work and hopefully surprising them. One of the reasons I choose to do this collaboration with Melissa was because I wanted to share my designs with more people and I felt this would be a great way to do that. I love seeing people wearing my designs and that they can be part of people’s everyday life.”

Jeremy joins an impressive repertoire of top designers who have collaborated with Melissa. “It is a great pleasure and an honour to have the name of Jeremy Scott as the newest member of Melissa's designer team. His talent, irreverence [ to the norm] and attitude combine into what we believe to be the Melissa attitude,” said Paulo Pedo, CEO of Melissa.

With his many achievements,he has defined himself as a pop icon and a keeper of a powerful fashion sense. His love for juxtaposition is where he finds inspiration for his creations.

“I love juxtaposition! I find the energy between opposing elements inspiring. I also love twisting reality and making the surreal, real! Being my first foray into plastic footwear, I wanted to play with the concept of inflatable pool toys.”

In true blue Jeremy Scott style, his latest collection with Melissa will feature an inflatable nozzle as part of the design, sort of a play on the idea of inflatable pool toys. The new collection consists of 5 signature designs in an array of bright and bold hues: the Melissa Inflatable Mule, Melissa Ankle Boot, two flats called Melissa Space Love and Melissa Ultragirl, the amazing Melissa Tube sandal and mini teddy bear rain boot for kids, Mini Melissa Monkey.

Check out the latest collection in stores at TANGS at Tang Plaza L2 and TANGS VivoCity L1.