In the style of In Good Company

In line with supporting local talents, we’re proud to feature 2 amazing designers, Kane Tan and Sven Tan from the brand In Good Company. This urban chic home grown brand is known to provide unique yet indispensable staples to every wardrobe.

Who are you and what do you do at IGC?
Sven: Co-founder and designer. I oversee the creative direction as well as liaising between overseas vendors and suppliers in production and materials.
: I handle design like Sven, but towards the softer side of the technical aspects like drape work.

What is your personal style?
Sven: I love simple, well made stuff that are at the same time versatile. As a product maker myself, I think those are the hardest things to achieve.
Kane: Simple and comfortable, everyday wear, basic staples – but well-cut.

Do you have a style icon or role model where you get inspiration from?
Sven: I don’t have a role model and ideas for me come from everywhere during my daily routine.
Kane: I don’t really have one, but I like the music and style of Woodkid.

What's your daily routine like?
Sven: Morning coffee, check emails, working on the collection with my team while multi-tasking on correspondence with our vendors for development, and factory for the manufacturing progress.
Kane: Wake up, breakfast, off to the office, work, drape, sew, drape, work. Breaks consist of browsing social media.

We understand that the both of you handle different parts of the design phase, could you walk us through the process of how these garments come alive!
Sven: Kane and I have different work methodology; I lean towards tailoring and drafting, while he prefers to drape his ideas directly on the mannequin. He’s also very exact in what he does, manipulating fabric so that it falls a certain way. It’s quite a fluid process, and neither separate nor collective. We don’t both work on all the pieces together, sometimes he starts and I happen to have a suggestion on finishing, or sometimes we work completely on our own. There’s quite a yin-yang balance to our work since our techniques and specialities differ. That lends a balance that is neither too harsh and structured nor too soft and feminine. It is this balance that gives our label its signature aesthetic. 

What is your favourite collection or piece of clothing that you design and why?
Every collection since we put a lot of sweat into them all.

Kane: It’s hard to separate or decide on just the one. Each one is a separate work and challenge to be conquered.

What is a must have from In Good Company this season?
Sven: Reinterpretations of the classic shirt has always been a fixture for us. We played with a few new silhouettes in capsule 9. Some shirts that are cut to hang back so that the collar exposes the nape; while others have stiffen collars and generous sleeve hems that fold up insouciantly like it's flying away. Midi-length dresses with ties, wrap details and graphic hanging panels are some of the newer details we've experimented with in this collection.

What social/charitable causes are you passionate about?
Sven: Underprivileged children. Everyone should have equal opportunities.
Kane: We should all care about preserving the earth’s resources more. 

We’ve read many articles that you guys don’t have disputes except on what to eat, could you reveal a fun fact about each other/ pet peeve that the other does that gets on your nerves?
Sven: He is very fussy about the things he wears, and alters every single piece of clothing to just the right fit. Even t-shirts!
Kane: Can’t think of one.

Make sure to head down to TANGS at Tang Plaza L2 to pick up some urban chic clothing from their latest collection.