The different ways to celebrate Father's Day!

It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate and honour the constant man in our lives – our fathers! Today, we thank them for being our silent defenders, who protect and provide for us no matter what. And what better way to say thank you to the wonderful man in your life, than in a language or way they understand and enjoy!

Apart from the traditional methods of pampering, many of us have dads who might prefer a day at the golf course or a good meal. So today, we cover some different ways to celebrate if you have a dad who would like something different.

Go Golfing
Take him out to a golf course, because isn’t golf known as the ‘dad sport’ anyway? He can look forward to a day on the green while dreaming about that hole-in-one.


   Give him some alone time

    This is going to appeal to both working dads with
    hectic schedules and stay at home dads! After
    spending day after day trying to save the world (well,
    we exaggerate, but you get the idea), it would be
    nice if they could have just one day to themselves.
    Don’t worry! They’ll still love you, but sometimes
    absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know?

Go to the pub

Some dads dream of the day you can finally join them
at a bar and 
throw back a couple of pints. It’s like an
accomplishment for them,
they got you to the legal
drinking age without any (major) hiccups.


   Embrace the great outdoors
    Do something adventurous and outdoorsy, like
    hiking. Everyone needs some fresh air once in a
    while, especially if they’re always stuck in the office.
    Not to mention it’s a perfect excuse to get them in
    better shape!

Go see a movie
Take him to the movies, ‘cause he probably hasn’t been there in a while. Catching the latest action flick is a great way to spend a few hours reliving his ‘Rambo’ days.

   Take him on a holiday
    Imagine receiving tickets for an all-expense paid trip
    to somewhere you can just kick back and relax. Your
    dad is going to be the happiest person, who doesn’t
    love an all-expense paid trip anyway?

Buy him dinner
Yes, it sounds like a serious lack of imagination, but for
some dads, bringing them out for an amazing meal and
letting them eat to their hearts’ content might just be
the happiest day of their lives! After all, they do say
that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

From all of us, THANK YOU DADS for loving us in your own way.