Jointly presented by TANGS, LASALLE and SINGAPORE FASHION WEEK 2016

For the second year running, TANGS announced its partnership with Singapore Fashion Week on 5 May 2016! This year’s collaboration sees the launch of Metail and the LASALLE Graduate Fashion Show 2016, along with the POST-FASHION LASALLE x TANGS Pop Up Store at TANGS.

The runway show was held at the newly renovated House of TANG, which was transformed into a fashion runway overnight! Over 400 attendees saw 26 graduates sending their collections down the runway, among them our Guest of Honour, Dr Janil Puthucheary, Minister of State for the Ministry of Communications and Information and the Ministry of Education.

Left: The reception team from LASALLE getting ready

Right: Ms Stacey Halliwell, Vice-President of Merchandising & Marketing at TANGS, with guests from IDA and Metail Asia.  

Left: LASALLE graduates putting the final touches on a display

Right: Professor Steve Dixon, President of LASALLE, chatting with a guest

The runway show was a huge success, we saw the students’ creativity come alive  through their works, from resourceful approaches like using glass paper, to an imaginative play on colours. Armed with their own interpretations of the theme Post-Fashion, they worked their magic into each piece of clothing.

POST-FASHION is a reflection of the fashion industry changing all over the world. Where the demand for novelty in the fashion industry is so fast paced, and customers keep asking for more from the retail world. Social media adds to this as it accelerates information so quickly that trends become obsolete even before collections reach stores. 
Pre-show selfies!

TANGS Store Ambassadors and Personal Shoppers, Jamie and Hazel, shortlisted their two favourite collections of the night, one of which was TIKANYAR, by Agnes Citto & Cheryl Teo. The collection stood out not only for its interesting textiles, but also for its on-trend cuts. The visual effect created was playful, fun and forced us to lean in for a closer look. Layering prints is both a science and an art, and these designers did this with ease. Overall, this bright yet chic collection offers an accessible and fashion forward addition to any wardrobe.

TIKANYAR by Agnes Citto & Cheryl Teo

The other designer that caught their eye was Esther Choy and her collection I AM AT HEART A GENTLEMAN. Almost like a sci-fi take on the Dior New Look silhouette, this was one of the more technical collections, requiring a sartorial eye to pull off. Pockets were pinched and highlighted vividly with a pop of red, what we saw was a collection that expressed a unique voice. Its androgynous/menswear stance, combined with the wintery feel gave it an edge, especially in tropical Singapore.


The best part of the whole night was that selected pieces from the runway collections have been sized and are now sold at the POST-FASHION LASALLE X TANGS Pop Up Store at Level 2 of TANGS at Tang Plaza, from now till 29 May. Or, you can always try them on using METAIL when you shop the looks on

Guest of Honour Dr Janil Puthucheary is introduced to Metail by Mr Kelvin Au, Managing Director of Metail Asia.

And what is METAIL, you might ask?

In partnership with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), Metail is now available on This virtual fitting room technology allows shoppers to try clothes while shopping online using a virtual model with their own body measurements, anywhere and at any time.

The technology takes online shopping one step further than just the usual benefit of shopping from the comforts of your own home. This technology allows you to input your measurements, skin tone and hair colour into the programme to create a virtual model of yourself. In doing so, this allows you to see how apparel would look on you, as if you were in the store and trying it out in a fitting room. It helps save time, removes the need to queue for the fitting room, and decreases the chances of you being disappointed because you bought the wrong size.

Metail has launched with six female brands, including Singaporean label In Good Company and the apparel from the POST-FASHION LASALLE x TANGS Pop Up Store. Combined with the multiple benefits for TANGS online customers, this virtual fitting experience is truly the next step in personalised online shopping.

Click here to check out METAIL on