Pamper your mum this Mother's Day

Pamper your mum’s this Mother’s Day

Today, we thank our mothers who give their all for us at any time! Mums that sacrifice their time and effort to shower us with their love and attention. These mums are the true champions! It’s definitely possible for us to overlook them and take them for granted, because they never ask for anything in return except that we grow up healthy and strong. Beyond a doubt, a mother’s love is one of the strongest loves in the world that you’ll ever experience.

Surprise, they have superpowers too! Some of them have a knack for cooking up delicious meals with what little ingredients they have, or the ability to put an amazing outfit together with the use of their existing wardrobe, or maybe even the skills to always look picture-perfect. So why not thank them properly this year by appealing to their superpowers! There are 3 amazing deals at TANGS at Tang Plaza this Mother’s Day that you definitely have to take advantage of if you have a mum with these superpowers!


Pamper your mum; let her rest those tired hands
and feet and head over to m’pir The Nail Bar at TANGS at
Tang Plaza, Level 2. This Mother’s Day,
we have a special promotion – a manicure for $38
and a pedicure $48! Let her unwind and be treated like a queen.

Call (+65) 6732 9001 or visit to make reservations.


How about a nice trip to the salon, because every woman
loves getting her hair done! What’s more
your mum, who works hard day in and day out!
Check out UrbanHair Ginrich Aveda at SEVIIN AT TANGS, located at TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 7. With prices starting from $48, your mum is in for
a treat.  

Call (+65) 6737 7813 or visit
to make your reservation.

The Island Cafe & Bar

End a day of pampering with Island Café & Bar’s Mother’s Day Menu at $38++ per person. Don’t head home and insist that your mum prepares a meal for you, just head on over and let our friendly staff at Island Café & Bar take care of you with some delicious food!

Call (+65) 6311 3424 or visit to check out the menu and make reservations.

From all of us at TANGS, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!