Island After Hours Party

On Saturday 26 March, Island Café & Bar was closed for a private event from 6pm – 2am. It was a night full of performances, interesting acts and lots of laughter.

   TANGS Chairman, Mr Tang Wee Sung with
  TANGS CEO, Mr Kevin M.  Dyson 

  Mr Lionel Yeo, CEO of Singapore Tourism Board and Ms
  Tan Kheng 
Hua escorted by French Clown Singapierrot

  All smiles we have Singapore Tourism Board CEO,
  Mr Lionel Yeo with
TANGS CEO, Mr Kevin M. Dyson

  Intense conversations going on between Ms Shu Lee,
  Ms Tan Kheng
Hua, Mr Lionel Yeo and
  Mr Kevin M.Dyson

  Guest mingling while checking out the new brands in
  House of Tang

   Quenching their thirst with some interesting and
  unique cocktails

  Checking out the Nano Leaf lights

   Live demonstration of a smokeless bbq pit by the
  impressive Lotus

  DJ Ginette Chittick dropping beats for all

  Balancing chair act - Roy the Silverman ignoring French
  Clown Singapierrot (Xijie) impresses the audience with
  his performance

  Unicycle act – Jolyon and Juggler/Magician – Wee
  clowning together

  The Famous Dancing uncle Roland truly proves that  
  age is but a number

  Posing casually in typical French manner we have
Clown Singapierrot (Xijie)

  Saving the damsel in distress, Mr Kevin M. Dyson is a
  knight in shining armour here

  The Panic Room crew "Geylang takeover" at TANGS

  Guest enjoying a nice meal with Chef Sherwin of Island
  Café & Bar

  Happy people with Happy drinks

  Daphne Khoo looking happy and fabulous

  "Step right up to have your fate read to you with my
  Crystal Ball”
Do you dare?

  Local band Flame of the Forest impressing guest with
  their unique fusion of Indian classical and folk music
  with other genres

  All the good looking fellas let’s drink until we drop

   Definitely a night to remember

And that’s a wrap of the wonderful evening here at Island After Hours party.
Till next time my friends!