A man's playground in House of Tang

In celebration of Father’s Day, TANGS dedicated the whole month of June to celebrating men. However, that wasn’t enough so we decided to take it up a notch by transforming House of Tang into a playground on 17 June. The concept was to create a unique space away from external distractions allowing them to escape and release their inner spirits and ward off the miserable men (@miserable_men) syndrome! An array of merchandise ranging from high end audio equipment and vinyl records, men’s grooming products and one-of-a-kind lifestyle concept items. Things like a foosball table made of cardboard and a crystal glass ping pong table were among the main attractions.

  Guest mingling with each other


  A friendly ping pong match played on the crystal 
  glass table.


  Checking out the vinyl from The Barbershop Music


  A friendly match of foosball played on one made out of 

Old school arcade games like Pac Man and Space Invaders were played alongside giant Jenga and Bishi Bashi. Also present were the barbers from The Panic Room SG (@thepanicroom_sg), handsome makers who temporarily set up shop in a bid to #orchardtakeover  right here in House of Tang.

Just check out this video from the ‘Handsome Makers’

A part from all the fun and games that were going on, the night was made even better when home-grown boys from The Barbershop Music took over the soundtrack  of the night! For the audiophile, you’ll be glad to know that using Estelon speakers provided by AV Intelligence ensured that only the finest sounds were played throughout House of Tang, bringing the night to a standing ovation!

Drop by and visit House of Tang where men are the focus and not the afterthought from now till 20 July.