Do These One-Shade-Fits-All Makeup Work?

What works for you may not work for your friend? Not true. We put four crowd favourites to the test.

Cult favourites tend to be crowd-pleasers because of their ability to work so well for different women. These products feature shades that are universally flattering, showing up differently to bring out the unique beauty of each of our testers.

The 4 products selected for this story:

1. Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen in 002
2. Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color in Sweet Mandarin
3. M.A.C Retro Matte in Ruby Woo
4. NARS NARSissist Hardwired Eye Kit

Our testers:

Lisa Tan, 31, owner of Ugly Cake Shop

“Makeup usually looks too strong on my fair skin.”

Vanessa Tai, 28, cofounder of Material World
“My skin is so yellow, I can star in The Simpsons.”

Sharifah Nursyafiqah, 23, freelance writer

“It’s hard to get colours to show up on my tanned skin.”

Annabelle Fernandez, 32, cofounder of Magpie
“I’m always surprised by the type of makeup that works for me!”

Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen, 002, $59

Lisa: “My complexion definitely looks more even. The concealer has done a good job of hiding the redness and some of the spots I have on my face. However, I don’t think I’m getting much of a radiance boost, though.”

Vanessa: “I don’t know why but my eyelids are yellower than the rest of my face. I’m quite pleased that this concealer has managed to balance out the yellow tone and hide my dark eye circles.”

Sharifah: “The concealer blends really well into my skin and feels really light. I like how it has made my dull-looking skin look brighter and fresher.”

Annabelle: “When I saw the product, I thought it was way too light for my skin tone. But after blending it in, I like how my skin actually looks more glowy and radiant. I won’t use this as a concealer but for spots that need a bit more highlighting, this will do.”

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color, Sweet Mandarin, $42

Lisa: “In person, the blush looks good. It’s as if I have a natural flush. However, in the photo, it looks too subtle. Might not be ideal if you have a photoshoot.”

Vanessa: “The blush has made my washed out complexion look livelier and healthier. I also like that it’s not your usual sweetie-pie pink.”

Sharifah: “I think the blush doesn’t really show up on my skin, which is a pity cos I’d wear it every day if it was more intense.”

Annabelle: “I was a bit worried about wearing an orange blush but from the looks of the picture, it totally works!”

M.A.C Retro Matte, Ruby Woo, $31

Lisa: “The red is very bright! Although it suits my skin tone, I won’t say this lipstick is my everyday choice. The contrast against my fair skin is too stark.”

Vanessa: “I don’t usually wear such bold lip colours but I’m surprised how well this red matched my skin tone. It’s bright and lively without being OTT.”

Sharifah: “The colour of the lipstick is a lot more bold and intense than I’m comfortable with, but it really did pop against my tan complexion.”

Annabelle: “This is a classic lipstick and I’ve always wanted to try it. I like that it’s neither too bright nor too bluish. The texture, however, is a bit dry so I’d put some lipbalm on before wearing this lipstick next time.”

NARSissist Hardwired Eye Kit, $80

Lisa: “When I wear eyeshadows, I like to create the smoky effect. However, I tend to use colours like black, grey, gold or blue. I’ve never tried green but seeing how well it looks on me, I might just give it a go next time.”

Vanessa: “I don’t think the shades work for my eye shape.”

Sharifah: “I love this eye palette! I think the colours really complement my eyes and have the effect of making them appear bigger.”

Annabelle: “I would have never thought to use green as a smoky-eye colour. But blended together with the other shades in the palette, it totally works! I might even recreate this look for the day.”    

Have you personally given any of these products a try? What are your thoughts on these products?