Bright Here, Bright Now

If you think whitening products are only for those who seek fairer skin, you're wrong. 

Rather than giving you fairer skin, whitening skincare gives you skin that’s dewy and more evenly toned. These products usually address a whole host of skin issues, such as dullness, pigmentation and lightening acne scars. 

Read on to find out which whitening range is best for your needs.

Spend long hours in the office
Dior Prestige White Collection

  • Contains a new mineral filter called Artificial Light Protector
  • Able to guard skin against up to 85% of the harmful radiation that comes from artificial light
  • Resistant to water and perspiration, making it perfect for our hot and humid environment

    SGD $160 - $540
    Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1 and TANGS VivoCity L1

Dull-looking skin
Lancome Blanc Expert Brightening Emulsion & Cream

  • Carnosine helps reduce yellowness due to collagen fibre glycation
  • Extract of centella asiatica minimizes skin redness caused by capillary fragility
  • Contains ingredients to help fight skin darkening due to excessive melanin production
  • Combination of rose, mint and gentian extract helps calm cutaneous inflammation

    SGD $125 - $135
    Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, TANGS VivoCity L1 and

Targeting small, scattered spots
Shiseido White Lucent Collection

  • All-new MicroTargeting Spot Corrector targets minute, undefined spots scattered all over the skin
  • Encourages skin’s cell turnover and causes unnecessary layers full of excess melanin to peel away
  • Contains oil of low molecular weight incorporated into the complex, enabling it to penetrate deeply into the skin for extra-precise targeting

    SGD $85 - $155
    Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, TANGS VivoCity L1 and

Preventing Pigmentation
Clarins White Plus Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum

  • Contains acerola extract that comes from the fruit and seed
  • Effectively reduces the formation of dark spots
  • Vitamin C to give you gorgeous, evenly-toned skin

    SGD $130
    Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza L1, TANGS VivoCity L1 and 

All in one Whitening Regime
La Mer Blanc de La Mer Collection

  • All-new whitening technology, made using marine-derived ingredients that reduce dullness and discoloration, while clarifying skin to give it an illuminating glow
  • Deconstructed Water, enhances the effectiveness of the formula’s active ingredients by aiding deep hydration
  • When skin is plump with moisture, it’s better able to reflect light for that unmistakable glow

    SGD $165 - $500
    Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza, L1 and