Beauty Services


Aesop Facial Appointment

(Opening July 2017)

Skin care brand, Aesop, introduces Facial Appointment, a series of unique treatments designed to balance, stimulate and intensely nourish the skin through touch. Each stroke and gesture of the hand is the effort of an Aesop Trained Facial Therapist, and is delivered with the intention of restoring equilibrium to the skin and self. First launched in 2005 in Melbourne, Aesop’s distinctive treatments take into consideration the relationship between mind, senses and skin as a part of all efficacious facial prescriptions – dedicating meticulous attention to the sounds, scents and materiality of the space to complement the experience.


Clé de Peau Beauté

Please call 6235 6126 or visit Clé de Peau Beauté at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

French for “key to beautiful skin”, Clé de Peau Beauté gives women the key to unlocking a new world of beauty. Harmonising Japan’s cutting-edge science and exquisite sense with a modern French elegance, Clé de Peau Beauté aims to create the best conditions for your skin through tailored facial treatments that effectively target and address your skin concerns. Each service begins with a personal skin consultation. Your beauty therapist will then recommend the most appropriate treatment for your skin type and concerns. Melt into deep relaxation as you indulge in ultimate luxury with unique massage techniques developed exclusively for Clé de Peau Beauté.


Dior Institut

Please call 6738 6618 or visit Dior at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

Dior Institut has created a unique method to beautify femininity in all the shades of its expression, instantly and over time. Dior Skincare, pioneer in avant-garde technology, infuses the very heart of cells to reveal youthfulness and radiance, while bringing balance and energy. Each treatment has been designed to meet one’s specific needs, depending on lifestyle and beauty expectations. Each treatment begins with a Dior Institut Signature Massage, to reveal poise and highlight the silhouette.



Please call 6734 9885 or visit DrSpa® at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

DrSpa® is the natural companion to DrGL®, a line of boutique skincare with a myriad of treatments dedicated to all skin types. Just like DrGL® products, which infuse science into skincare for maximum efficacy, the same can be expected of DrSpa® treatments. Following thorough research and development by Dr Georgia Lee, as well as training and management by Dr Eileen Lee, DrSpa® is regarded with the seal of doctor’s approval. DrSpa® treatments will not only transport you to a state of bliss, you’ll enjoy visible results — from the very first visit.


Espace Beauté Chanel

Please call 6738 1307 or visit Chanel at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

Because beauty begins with a way of looking at yourself and grows with your self-confidence, Chanel invites you into the heart of an enveloping space devoted to your beauty. Understated, private and refined. A place where you will experience precious moments that unite a voluptuous, instant, sensory pleasure and effective personalised treatments. Let Chanel take care of you and reveal your beauty.


Inoue Olive

Please call 6311 3317 or visit Inoue Olive at TANGS for more information.

Inoue Olive’s olive oil is perfect for consumption and for use as a skin care product. Inoue Olive is committed to the growing of their own olive trees, the extraction of quality olive oil, and the final production of premium products for your face and of course, the dining table.


Lancôme Beauty Institute

Please call 6734 7114 or visit Lancôme at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

Treat yourself and let your skin indulge in the Lancôme experience, a multisensorial experience like no other. It’s more than 80 years of experience, our unique rituals incorporate the finest massage techniques designed for targeted effects. Our best beauty therapists, trained by the Lancôme Beauty Institute, will pamper your skin with generous amounts of our iconic skincare products. Our products are a combination of quality formulas that boost the skin’s natural mechanisms and latest innovations in neuro-cosmetic research, to provide effective and sensorial delight. To complete your experience, our curated cabin atmosphere uses aromatherapy, music and chromotherapy to complement your chosen service. Ultimately, the Lancôme experience is designed to maximise results you want to see, and to revitalise your skin, body and mind - a luxury that you truly deserve.



Please call 6735 0013 / 9666 8843 or visit Qween at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

Qween is a premium eyebrow and eyelash boutique specialising in eyelash extensions, body hair removal and eyebrow reconstruction. Qween aspires to be the trusted beauty boutique on the rolodex of high society and individuals of great influence. As its name suggests, Qween is committed to craft brows and lashes that meet the highest of standards, extending royal treatments of the highest order. Qween brings an Asian finish to its European products by marrying Russian science and Asian art. Its IPL machine, which has been carefully sourced and imported, is touted to be “the painless zap”, promising a supreme level of cooling comfort while removing unwanted hair. Qween uses only the best, and keeps abreast with the latest techniques and best practices to ensure customers get the premium, royal treatment that they come for.


Shiseido Facial Studio

Please call 6311 3317 or visit Shiseido at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

Free your mind and spirit as you indulge in 80 minutes of sheer luxury and relaxation with Shiseido’s Qi facials. Experience rhythmic massages that lull you into a cocoon of pure bliss as its fine lotions and facial masks stimulate microcirculation and encourage the smooth flow of Qi throughout your body. Finally, neck and shoulder massages will help to ease your tension and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirits.


Spa de La Mer

Please call 6735 6762 or visit La Mer at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

At Spa de La Mer, every treatment reflects our heritage, philosophy and commitment to the careful craftsmanship that delivers exceptional, transformational results for our clients. Building upon Dr. Max Huber’s vision to harness the power of light and sound energy in a bio-fermentation process La Mer incorporates “energy” into all treatments to promote healing benefits to the skin. Each facial begins with a thorough skin analysis and application of the appropriate La Mer products by the La Mer Aesthetician according to your skin’s requirements. Through La Mer’s exclusive Miracle Broth™ and proprietary massage techniques, skin’s energy is enhanced, the body and mind are balanced, and the client feels relaxed an d rejuvenated.


Sulwhasoo Facial Treatment Studio

Please call 6736 0339 or visit Sulwhasoo at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

Sulwhasoo, Korea’s No. 1 luxury beauty brand, is dedicated to drawing out the best of beauty inherent in women, tapping on ancient wisdom and blending indigenous medicinal herbs through traditional Korean methods for a nourished complexion. Step into the realm of absolute tranquility and traditional Korean aesthetics of Sulwhasoo, built on the philosophy of “sang-seng” – the belief that all things exist in relation to one another, and optimal vitality is achieved when body and mind exist in harmony and balance.



(Opening September 2017)

THREE, an holistic skincare and makeup brand from Japan, is the new attitude for being natural. Based on the notion that the mind, body and skin are inseparable, THREE proposes a regimen involving a holistic approach to bring beauty to its entirety. Focusing on the powerful effects of essential oils and plant-based ingredients, THREE products actively support the skin by boosting its natural mechanism to enhance its beauty. THREE believes that true beauty lies in living with a positive, open attitude, respecting both the precious blessings of nature and one’s self as a part of it.



Please call 6734 9885 or visit DrHair® at TANGS for appointments or more information. By appointment only.

DrHair® is the natural companion to DrGL®, a line of specially-curated and award-winning revolutionary hair and scalp treatments. Similar to the range of DrGL® products, DrHair® treatments tap on the art of science and quality ingredients for utmost effectiveness and efficacy. Experience premium service at the hands of the best hair and scalp professionals, complemented with quality treatments and solutions represented by a doctor’s seal of approval at DrHair®.


UrbanHair Ginrich Aveda

Please call 6737 7813 or visit UrbanHair Ginrich Aveda at TANGS for appointments or more information.

Since 1988, UrbanHair Ginrich Aveda has been a people-oriented salon that focuses on quality service using premium products, catering to the different needs of its diverse clientele from Singapore and the rest of the world.


M’pir – The Nail Bar

Please call 6732 9001 or visit M’pir – The Nail Bar at TANGS for appointments or more information.

M’pir (pronounced “em-pire) is conceived for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Step in to a chill-out space with cool furnishings and enjoy a relaxing treatment using the finest products sourced from the best nail brands available. At M’pir, your nail concerns are well addressed with a curated selection of Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP free polishes and gels. These include Shellac from the USA, Magelic from Japan, and more. Ask for a non-abrasive mani pedi today!


Orchard Health Lifestyle

Please call 8113 0129 or visit Orchard Health Lifestyle at TANGS for appointments or more information. Walk-ins welcome, subject to availability.

Orchard Health Lifestyle was born out of necessity – to raise awareness of the importance of joint health and mobility. Its innovative ‘Joint Centralisation Technique’ (JCT™) focuses on the art of mobilising and articulating the body’s joints through controlled and precise movements. Simply put, it combines soft tissue and mobility techniques to re-align your joints to their optimal axis of rotation. The result – an improvement to the body’s range of movement. In addition to providing the right advice and care, Orchard Health Lifestyle aims to ultimately prevent potential joint concerns.